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Travelling to US with a criminal record in the UK

Travel Forums North America Travelling to US with a criminal record in the UK

1241. Posted by ozzzieguy (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y

Hi guys,

Probably a stupid question but is there any way to speed up the waiver process I was told 4 - 6 months at my interview but I need to travel in the next month. Probably a big stretch but figured I'd ask if anyone had any luck with getting it done faster?


1242. Posted by Curious to ask (Budding Member 5 posts) 1y

Lewdness is listed as moral turpitude, but you said I'd have no problem ticking no on the esta. I don't really understand. I am grateful for the reply so thank you.

1243. Posted by bella12 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y

Hi everyone,

Hope someone can put my mind at rest...

If you were arrested and convicted of a crime and hence served a custodial sentence, are US border agents able to tell this when they scan your fingerprints?? I don't believe my conviction to be considered as moral turpitude and an ESTA has been approved.


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1244. Posted by Westlife666 (Budding Member 7 posts) 1y

Hi. I don't want to ask the same questions that have been asked over and over again- I'm not sure if this has been asked so here goes- you can go through us border control in Dublin- will this make any difference or is it exactly the same?

1245. Posted by ywzfreedom11 (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Hi, Everyone. I have go through almost every post. Thank you for everyone's contribution.

I am a Chinese citizen who has been arrested in United States. I am charged with misdemeanor Battery. My case is dismissed and I do not enter into any guilty. Meanwhile, I have a clean state police report and FBI report.

I am a student and I get a offer from school in Australia. I have plenty of time to prepare my student visa for Australia.(Almost nine months.) I have some concerns about criminal record.

1. From forum, I understand Australia do not have complete access to U.S. arrest record. However, I am still afraid they will be found out at the entry. I am wondering if there is anyone who has a U.S. criminal record travel to Aus and if they can find it out.

2. I understand since my case is dismissed. I should be fine. However, the border officer may still see me as a potential 'risk' and deny entry. I am wondering generally how strict the Canada border is.

Hope someone for help. Terry, Travelman99, are you guys still here?

1246. Posted by travelman99 (Full Member 166 posts) 1y

Hi Freedom

You've asked about the US, Canada and Austraila, I'm not sure what your main question is, but here goes...

For tourists, Australia are only interested in convictions that have resulted in 1+ years of prison time. I believe this is the same for student visas.

Furthermore, Australia will not have records of your arrest, your arrest did not result in a conviction, therefore you have nothing to worry about.

Canada is just as strict as the US, and they DO have access to a shared criminal record database - however, you do not have a conviction, so don't swear it.

I have travelled their on many occasions will no problems.

Happy travels, and happy Chinese New Year.

1247. Posted by travelman99 (Full Member 166 posts) 1y

Bella - your passport biometrics do not hold criminal record information. So, unless your on a watch list, or no fly list, you're fine.

1248. Posted by travelman99 (Full Member 166 posts) 1y

Ozzieguy - no there is no way to speed up the process. It's a woefully understaffed area.

1249. Posted by ywzfreedom11 (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y

Hi, Travellman99.

Sorry, I am not asking about Canada, not sole Australia.

Thank you for your answer!

1250. Posted by Westlife666 (Budding Member 7 posts) 1y

Terry if you're still there or any one who has went through Dublin? Wouldn't imagine it would be any different but any help would be appreciated x