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Travelling to US with a criminal record in the UK

Travel Forums North America Travelling to US with a criminal record in the UK

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601. Posted by rangobango (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y

UK citizen. Arrested for being drunk 2007 fined. Arrested breach of peace 2012 fined.

Clicked 'yes' to moral turpitude. Since learned i needn't have. Done now. Told to send police certificate for review of decision.

Has anyone ever won a review of a negative decision?

Having a hard time here. Apologies and Thank you.

602. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2477 posts) 3y

Too bad you didn't do some research before you voluntarily admitted to a paranoid foreign government that you recently broke the law not once, but twice.

It's a total crap shoot what will happen now. It could be fine, who knows.

Fingers crossed for you. Good luck.


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604. Posted by Newyorknewyork (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y

Hi guys!

Just want to share my story!

I have a record for various things, ticked no on my esta and got through with no problems at JFK

Yes It was nervy and intense as there such rude f*uks at customs, but there is no way they have access to our records, I also have a new chip passport UK!!

I advised anyone that is thinking of risking do it, there is no way they can tell, I would have definitely flagged up if they could see stuff !!

I read this forum for months over before I travelled, and the day before i left... It certainly helped me with taking a chance !

My advice to anyone worried don't be, and as terry says 'roll the dice' you'll be fine unless you make reason for them to dig deeper!


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608. Posted by hammy4321 (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Hey guys,

So my brother and I are Singapore Citizens with biometric passports and will be going to Canada (entering the custom for at least twice) and U.S (entering for at least once). We will take a plane to Canada, cross a land border to U.S and have an Alaskan cruise from Alaska to Canada.

I have a clean record but he has been arrested, so this is his story, he was hanging out with two other friends in the supermarket and didn't know that his friends were actually stealing from the supermarket. So he was arrested along with his two friends and was given two options at the police station, 1. Get a lawyer and fight it out in the court with the risk of imprisonment, 2. Plead guilty and receive a few hundred dollar fine. He wanted to move on so chose the latter. He was 20 years old at the time of his offence, it was his only encounter with the police and he has never served a day in jail.

I have been reading almost every post on this thread for literally 8 hours and learnt that lots of people were admitted with DUI charges and even multiple convictions but there wasn't many cases on shoplifting that was said to have entered the U.S apart from someone who has committed the crime as juvenile and manage to get into the U.S.

We have booked the flight to Canada for a few months later without knowing such strict laws exists so there is no turning back and the whole itinerary cost several thousands of dollar. He don't want to contact both of them and risk being denied a visa from U.S or Canada or both as well as to forfeit his flight and neither would I want to be a solo traveller. We haven't applied ESTA as there is still many more months to go.

He learned that his convictions are spent 5 years ago after a trip to the police station. So my question is, will U.S and Canada have access to Singapore's spent criminal records? And if we are that unlucky to face a secondary inspection, would they be able to retrieve the information?
Also, if he is facing deportation, would I be deported as well?

On top of that, we have been travelling around the world including Australia where he tick no to the question of 'Have you been convicted of a crime in the past 10 years' which he had no intention to lie and thought that it was over 10 years but the fact is that it was 9 years ago during his entry to Australia.

I think that passport from other countries eg ; uk has the identity page at the passport cover at the back while our passport is unique to a point that our identity page is a hard solid card attached at the first page.
I hope that someone who is experience is able to help me define spent convictions and give me some advice and is there anybody that was denied entry due to similar issues apart from some comments who claims that there are people who is sent back by rolling the dice.

609. Posted by hammy4321 (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

I meant I got a feeling that spent convictions are stored only in the nation's database. It has been said by our government that we have the right to deny having any criminal records (for minor case) while seeking employment or being transferred to work at foreign countries by Singapore company but not changing the fact of being convicted which is contradicting. I know that you can still be denied entry but we need to know the risk of it. I have also learnt that only Canadians faced such issues being said that the u.s and Canada shares database, I'm seeing that most foreigners don't have any issue but is there any foreigner other then the Canadians that had faced such issues? If you are a foreigner and you had faced such issues please speak out from your experience. This is going to be our first time into North America and I really hope everything goes well.

610. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2477 posts) 3y

"... So my question is, will U.S and Canada have access to Singapore's spent criminal records?..."



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