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Travelling to US with a criminal record in the UK

Travel Forums North America Travelling to US with a criminal record in the UK

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961. Posted by (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y

Hi everyone
Ive been reading through a few forums and I still can't get the answer what im looking for, can someone help me.

Basically around a 2 months ago, I received a simple caution, for returning to the same area, once the police told me not to, It was a drunken night. I know the caution is under the rehabilation act.

I'm 18 and a British national, I also have an American visa from previous visits which expires in 10 years, on my other passport because i have a dual nationality and only recent became British.

and I am planning to travel to the U.S. in late July, which my dad lives there and I am going to visit for a few weeks and I am wondering if I need to confess anything, because the incident was really nothing serious, if anything a laugh. Because i didn't get arrested or anything, but I want to double check because I don't want any trouble.

962. Posted by Wookey7 (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y

Well I've bitten the bullet and booked, ten days in Orlando in Jan 2016!

I'm £2500 poorer and ultimately a little bit of a gamble but fingers crossed all will be ok :)

963. Posted by travelman99 (Full Member 160 posts) 1y

Have a great trip - the odds are very much in your favour. Please remember to report back on your trip as not many people do.

964. Posted by julia48 (Budding Member 11 posts) 1y

I have an appointment at the embassy this week in order to ask for a visa
Is there any chance that the us embassy contact my parents ?
I am 22 but still a student. Since I am dependent on them financially speaking I am worried that they call them or ask me to provide some papers about their situation.
As you can imagine they dont know about my caution and hope this will never reach their ears
thanks for your help

965. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 1y

If you have them listed on your Application then absolutely the Embassy can call them to confirm your paperwork.


966. Posted by julia48 (Budding Member 11 posts) 1y

What do you mean by listed them in my application?

967. Posted by julia48 (Budding Member 11 posts) 1y

I listed them in my application because anyway they asked me for my parents names but I didn't put their phone numbers.
I only listed my friend's phone number who I will visit in the US

968. Posted by travelman99 (Full Member 160 posts) 1y

Julia - make sure you take all your Uni paperwork with you so they identify you have ties to the UK.

I'm not sure if they would contact your parents to be honest as you're over 21 and not technically a dependent.

Terry will know more on this than me though.

Can you remind me of your caution again please?

969. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 1y

If they have no direct impact on your Application then they're of no consequence to the Embassy. If they're listed as supporting you financially then the Embassy may call them for confirmation.


970. Posted by julia48 (Budding Member 11 posts) 1y

Thank you for your replies.
My caution is for possession of class A, back in 2013
This is something I deeply regret and hopefully my parents don't know about it. If there's any chance the Embassy call them Im gonna drop out my visa application and try again in a few years when I will be financially independent