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Planning to travel for first time

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11. Posted by smythy (Full Member 237 posts) 10y

Quoting GregW

Quoting Stratego

The most important thing I can tell you are to go out and travel before you lose the desire, change your mind, and realize one day that's it's too late because of commitments

A little off topic from the OPs issue, but this comment prompted me to say that I often see an impression from younger travellers that they "have" to travel now because it won't be possible later in life. That, my friends, is rubish. I have met many older travellers on the road that have found a way to do despite commitments. Don't despair, because if you really want to, it's possible to find a way - even with houses or girlfriends or wives or children.

I guess its that we "younger" people feel its much easier when youve got no dependents or commitments to attend to!

I dont decry the fact of older people travelling - id still like to think that i'd be travelling at 70 or 80 if i ever see it, as much as i am now! wow what a thought but id do it. I often see older people as the ones with the "know how" in some cases as theyve been round that bit more than me and so are useful and i respect em. I cant understand other young people these days in the idea of beating up old people and attacking our respected elders.

I guess as you say Greg its all a personal thing of managing our own time and resources as to making things happen.

12. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 10y

70 or 80 - no really old people like that shouldn't be travelling. They should be home knitting me booties.

Seriously, though, I just want to make sure that people realize that if you wish to do it, you can find a way, and not to worry too much about having to make decisions about the future right now, because it really is a lot easier to change course than people think. And, more than likely, you'll find yourself changing coursed a bunch of times.

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