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working/volunteering abroad?

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1. Posted by J kerouac (Budding Member 38 posts) 10y

Hey all,

Im begining to plan a RTW trip and am interested in working/volunteering along the way. Id like to do this both for some extra cash while im on the road and as an opportunity to get to know locals and the culture better. Im still deciding on destinations but am interested in SE Asia, Africa, and S. America.

Ive heard of people working for their hostel and this sounds like a good possibility but Id love to hear other ways people have got jobs along the way. How hard is it to get work with out a work visa? And what kind of jobs are available? (I have a BA in psychology if this helps but i certinly dont need a job in this field)

What about teaching english abroad? I know of a variety of programs based out of the US, but they require hard is it to get a job doing this while abroad and with out the training?

Any reccomendations on organizations doing volunteer work? Generally what do these organizations provide to and board perhaps?

I know that it may be hard to answer since i dont have my destinations worked out yet, but general advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.



2. Posted by stevemc (Budding Member 28 posts) 10y

Any recomendations on organizations doing volunteer work? Generally what do these organizations provide to and board perhaps?


There are some free South American volunteer programs listed here: but most programs require you to commit to a decent stint (months) to get free food & board.
Generally short term volunteers are asked to cover their food &
accommodation costs.

Why not bite the bullet and do the TEFL/TESL training and use that
to work your way around the world?
Have a look at for more.


3. Posted by Margrethe (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y

I was researching volunteer opportunities online a while back (two months of intensive searching and e-mailing), and I found it near impossible to find volunteer opportunities where you weren't expected to pay for room and board, as well as contribute money to the project. I think it's alot easier to find something if you know someone who've worked with someone. I'm still looking, but I've decided to volunteer after christmas (hopefully in SE-Asia) instead of this fall, so I have a little more time now.