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1. Posted by vincess (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

Hello Everyone

I'm new here as from today and I desperately need some advice. I am looking to get to Murcia or Cartagena but all the flights to Murcia and Alicante are way too expensive as we are 4 of us and I havev to foot the bill.

I can get half the price to Valencia, how far away from Murcia and Cartagena is Valencia, both in distance and time.......

Anybody please......


2. Posted by none (Full Member 70 posts) 10y

From Valencia to Murcia there are about 240 Km and from Valencia to Cartagena there are near 280 Km.

I wouldn't recommend you to take a flight to do such a trip. Buses and trains are cheaper and will make that in about 3 hours.

There are different trains doing that route: Regional Express, Arco, Talgo, Mare Nostrum. The cheapest one is the Regional Express (15.85 €).

More info here:

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3. Posted by amanecer (Respected Member 203 posts) 10y

valencia murcia 231 km, 2hours 45min by car
valencia cartagena 271 km 3 hours 11 min by car

By train check here:
(take longer)

to be really honest I visited cartagena last 24th of april and I didn't like so much the city. Excluding one street in the city centre, the rest of hte city is really shabby.
murcia is nice, but valencia is definitely the best city in the area.
alicante don't worth a visit. be careful to pickpockets in alicante area.

4. Posted by amanecer (Respected Member 203 posts) 10y

sorry, i haven't seen your reply karlmunch!:)

5. Posted by none (Full Member 70 posts) 10y

With 2 replies he or she will be sure we are not lying

6. Posted by vincess (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

Hello Everyone

Thank you all sooooooooo much for all the responses, I tried to post a reply yesterday but it seem to have been lost somewhere on the system.

Most of all. I DO believe you all and your responses have been most useful. However, I have decided to fly direct to Alicante as my parents are in their late 70's and I don't know how well they will cope with the long journey in the heat. The good thing is that my brother has offered to pay half the cost so that should be very helpful.

Thanks again all the same and it was from your responses that I was able to make this decision.

Love to everyone, and oh, I'm a she

7. Posted by vincess (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

Oh Amanecer

Thanks for your overview on Alicante etc, I am heading for a place called Nazzaran (?) but since my aunt is going to pick us up, they requested that we fly to murcia or Alicante as it's closer. Now that I have noticed what you said about Valencia, I am wondering if I should, maybe fly to Valencia and spend a day there and then travel up in the night, or take the train as per Carlos's advice.

Will have to look at all of this again.


8. Posted by none (Full Member 70 posts) 10y

Hi again Lalita. When I said that I would't recommend you to take a plane to make such a trip I thought you wanted to fly from Valencia to Alicante... I totally misunderstood you.

Anyway, if you decide to fly to Valencia and then taking the train don't worry about the heat since the trains (maybe except the Regional Express because is the older one) are equipped with air conditioning. It's a really cold experience travelling by train in summer time.

9. Posted by vincess (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

Hi Carlos

Thank you so much for the new info. It now seems that we might just fly to Valencia for a couple of days and them come back, missing out Murci/Nazzarron (?) completely as my parents' flight dates have now chnaged so we might have to go earlier than planned.

But thanks all the same as me may still take the train to visit surrounding areas.

Tkae care


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