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Macau to Kunming (travel options)?

Travel Forums Asia Macau to Kunming (travel options)?

1. Posted by sandy456 (Full Member 213 posts) 10y

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Macau to Kunming (travel options)?

I need to get to Kunming from Bangkok (but the direct flight is a bit pricy). I know Bkk-Macau is a good option on AirAsia but I don't know how to get from Macau to Kunming?

What airlines fly from MACAU-KUNMING?
How much does a one-way ticket go for?
Is there an overland option I should consider (ie. sleeper train?)

and finally, entering Macau only requires a Chinese visa and passport right?

2. Posted by aaabbb (Budding Member 30 posts) 10y

I will still suggest that fly directly from BKK to Kunming.

the better deal from Thailand to Kunming is from ChiangMai to Kunming. you can check about it.

the reason i suggested

1, after you flight to Macou, you still need to transfer to Guangzhou. and then get on almost 30 hours train from Guangzhou to Kunming. takes time, and it seems it is not cheapper at all than you fly directly.

2, takes time.

if you still decide to fly to Macau, and have a Chinese visa, you would be OK.

;) good luck!!

3. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

and finally, entering Macau only requires a Chinese visa and passport right?

Actually, no. You don't need a Chinese visa at all, just a passport. Despite the fact that Macau is a SAR, like Hong Kong they still do their own immigration, so you can enter without a Chinese visa, and don't enter China proper until you cross North into Zhuhai (or fly to Kunming and land there).

4. Posted by kucira (Full Member 61 posts) 10y

if you take the Macau option then using train to Kun Ming, is a very "long" journey & more than 40 hrs i believe, provided if you have time.

5. Posted by moakdi (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

Hello There ...

If you go for the overland option, you can take a night bus ( with beds ) from Macau to Yahgshuo ( 7h, 200RMB aprox 20$ ), where you could spend a couple of days ( a Turistic but really beautifull area ... check internet ). From here, you can reach guilin in around 40 min by regular bus. ( you have a direct bus Macau - Guilin if you don't want to have a breake in Yangshuo ). Now from Guilin to Kunming you can take a train (18h) in soft sleeper for around 380 RMB Aprox (38$).

Now, you dont need the visa for Macau or HongKong ( it is like that for most par of countries like EU, UUEE, AUS, etc) but you do need the visa to cross the border, so eventhough you can get your Visa in Macau, they say that the best and faster place to get it is in HongKong ( Worst situation, you can get the ferry to Hongkong and be ther in 1h, get your Visa and be back for dinner. )