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Thailand 6th June anyone?

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1. Posted by LaurenAJ (Budding Member 30 posts) 10y

Hi There,
I'm Lauren, 21yo female travelling alone to Thailand on the 6th of June for a min of 8 weeks max of 12. I'd really like to meet up with some people out there. I plan to fly straight out of Bangkok to Ko Samui in a bid to make the 11th June Full Moon Party. After that, I have no idea! I'd like to see a lot of sights, ie, waterfalls, temples, national parks, night market, floating market, and BEACHES to name but a few. Some of the places I've looked at include Ko Phi Phi, Krabi, Chang Mai. I'm the active type so any hiking or watersport people, I'm your person! I also love to party! If your interested in meeting up with me, let me know!
Lauren x x

2. Posted by ZenG (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

Hey Lauren,

I'm in Bangkok right now with some local friends. I will also be going to the full moon party solo so let me know if you want to go down and party. I'll be travelling around SE asia for the next 8 months so I welcome the company. Send me a message if you want and I will give you my thai number.


3. Posted by o.b (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

Hey there,
im flying in to bankok on the 5th, and straight down to samui aswell, probably on a bus, cus im a tight arse, ive heard fatboy slims playing a in gig on samui sometime in june, reckon it will be around the full moon party, gotta be there!
meeting up with some friends from ireland, and few from this site, be cool to get a group together for the full moon.
let us know,
party hard.

4. Posted by macado (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

Hey Lauren. I'm sort of doing the same thing you are. 22yo American traveling alone. I should be arriving in Bangkok around June 3th, not sure how long I'll be in Bangkok but i'm going to be traveling SE Asia for about 2.5 months and I plan to stay in Thailand for a good majority of that doing some scuba diving, kayaking, exploring. My plans are very spontaneous so i'm up for anything if anyone is around. I was going to head to Phuket and then Ko Phi Phi after Bangkok but I think i'm going to stay around Ko Samui and Ko Tao for a full moon party I guess since the weather is supposed to be better in that area right now.

5. Posted by LaurenAJ (Budding Member 30 posts) 10y

Hi o.b, Macado and ZenG,
o.b, from what my brother has said(he travelled Thailand for 4 months) it takes about 2 1/2 days to travel to Ko Samui this way, all that means is by the time you got to Samui/Pha Ngan, you poss won't get any accom, that's why I'm flying there otherwise I wouldn't get there till the 9th as I don't land till the 7th(only just realised that!) butI'm def up for meeting and having a drink with you at the FMP ;)
Macado, your plans sound good to me :) I don't have my diving license, do you? I've spoken to my brother about it(Good ol' bro) and he said it cost about 100gpb(Sister's stupid keyboard doesn't have pound sign!) I'm very interested in doing this, I think the best island for this is Ko Tao(I could be wrong, anyone else know?) so I'll do this at some stage. I think the weather is supposed to be at it's best on the islands, but I've read so many threads and posts on so many sites, and it seems that even thought it's the rainy season, it doesn't exactly belt down all day long, more like an hour or so.
ZenG, nice to hear from you, hope you're having an excellent time. When do you plan to travel to Samui and how are you travelling? I'd really like someone to fly there with me(I know this is unlikely though):( Again, good ol' bro says it only costs about 40-50gbp to fly(price as 3 years ago)
All I wanna do is have some fun (so cheesy I know), I'm pretty much open to everything as I don't have anything set in stone(VERY far from it!) and suggestions welcome, ttfn xx

6. Posted by nikunj1 (Budding Member 23 posts) 10y


I am nikunj and will reach thailand, bangkok on 1 june and will stay somedays in thailand then travel to south east asia. please contact may be we can travel or meet somewhere.

with regards,

[ Edit: sorry no personal email addresses allowed in the forums, please try the mc instead ]

7. Posted by monsterboy (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y

Hey Lauren,

Should your trip extend to mid-July, do send over a message. I'll be roaming around Thailand until end-July.

8. Posted by LaurenAJ (Budding Member 30 posts) 10y

Hi Monsterboy,
I'll be in Thailand for aprrox 8 weeks so we'll be there at the same time. As for where I'll be, who knows I'll be checking this while I'm out there so we can arrange a poss meet nearer the time x x

9. Posted by LaurenAJ (Budding Member 30 posts) 10y

Come on people! There must be more of you travelling at the same sort of time as me who'd like company! I've got under a week to go and getting more than just a bit nervous now, so if there is anyone whose gonna be there around the same time, let me know x x

10. Posted by macado (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

I just got to Bangkok today. I'm staying near Khao San Rd for about 2-4 days then i'm heading down to the islands. If i'm still here i'll go down to Ko Samui with you. How are you getting down there?

I'd like to meet up with some people for some drinks while in Bangkok as well.