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how can u become a successful photographer?

Travel Forums Travel Photography how can u become a successful photographer?

1. Posted by mooowah (Inactive 2 posts) 10y

Hey, if any photographers have got any tips or ways to get to (or near!) the top- please let me know!

Its hard to get started in the business and I think people need more inspiration and encouragement from others in the industry. Any thoughts from you peeps would be greatly recieved!

Mooowah x

2. Posted by pixcee (Full Member 28 posts) 10y

Becomming a top photographer is NOT an easy task. Everyone out there and their mums now days is a 'photographer'. The best advice i can give you *being a budding photographer myself* is to LEARN LEARN LEARN. Read as much as you can. Take LOTS of pics. The more pics you take, the more you can see what you like and dont like about what you're doing and try to fix or improve. I'm learning new things every day. It also helps to try to find a local group or just a few people that are in your area and get out and do 'photo trips' for the day. That way you can share knowledge with others that have the same interests you do.

Good Luck!!
If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask...I'll do my best to help!

3. Posted by mally (Respected Member 199 posts) 10y

you have to be lucky be in the right place at the right time and have contacts you have to study the industry . it's interest that makes a photo - get some one with a gallery to except your photos and get a style all of your own. when your famouse send me a signed photo good luck

4. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 10y

Get closer than you would think is appropriate. Close-ups are (almost) always more interesting.


5. Posted by MelesMeles (Full Member 137 posts) 10y

Quoting snatterand

Get closer than you would think is appropriate. Close-ups are (almost) always more interesting.


You're so right.

I once came across simple guidlines, which have served me well.

"Get close, and then get closer"

6. Posted by TravelMc (Respected Member 93 posts) 10y

Apologies for the referencing here but check out's photography pages. You can sign up to receive Peter Marshalls updates which will give lots of links to all sorts of online galleries and details. Its a great reference tool if you can't ask someone - you can search the site and you will usually find the answer you are looking for in really clear language. I'm just at the end of my course and I found this a great resource for just looking at the types of images out there - to see what I like so I know what images I want to look out for and learn more about how photographers get their images.

Its not an easy industry but a lot of the time it seems to be all about networking. Join a club or go on a course. If you're serious there are loads of degree courses that you can look into. Or you can see if you can get a job in a studio as a photographers lacky and learn from them. A lot of the greats started out this way!