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1. Posted by bottochea (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y

Hello Everyone:

I will be in Buenos Aires in mid-June and will have 2 full weeks to spend in Argentina. It is going to be my first time in South America and although I realize that Argentina has more than enough to occupy me for two weeks, I would like to get a feel for a bit more. So here are my questions:
1. I cannot find road maps online and crow-fly distances do not mean much. Would someone please tell me how long it takes to get from Buenos Aires to Salta, Cordoba and Mendoza by car.
2. I will try to visit one neighboring country or Peru during my stay in BsAs and I am open to recommendations. Uruguay seems to be the most feasible one but my heart lies in Cuzco, Manchu Picchu. Can that be done comfortably (time-wise)?

Thanks a lot. Safe travels to everyone.

2. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 10y

1: all destinations mentioned are more or less an overnight journey away from BsAs, give or take a few hours. I'd recommend going by bus instead of renting a vehicle, it's easier, more relaxed, cheaper and safer.
2: Peru from BsAs is NOT feasible, it's WAY too far away. Uruguay, or the south of Paraguay is a much better idea; if you head for Mendoza, you could dip into Chile and see Santiago, which is beautiful.

Have fun,
Niels (Amsterdam)

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3. Posted by bottochea (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y

Thank you Niels. I take that you have traveled extensively in Argentina. Would you be able to list your favorite spots in the country please?
(Although I enjoy natural beauty very much, I prefer authentic cities and historic sites to natural parks.)

Sinan (Istanbul)

4. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 10y


For historic sites you can't miss the national monument in Rosario and most places in Buenos Aires have some form of history tied into them.

Cordoba may also be of interest to you. There are some beautiful cathedrals to see there, the best one being the gothic church on Buenos Aires street. also while in Cordoba you may want to make a few daytrips out of the city on organised tours. You can go to see the sierras chicas or sierra grandes. Or you could go to Rio Ceballos. I would highly recommend doinga day trip as well to Villa Carlos Paz and Alta Garcia. Alta Garcia is a spiritual town with an interesting history. There is an old castle there with a guided tour and also in Alta Garcia is the house of Che-Guevara where he grew up. You can also do a tour of his house as well.

If you go to Cordoba there is a tour company office on the street next to the main plaza in town. Go in there and book the tours. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give you the name of the tour company on this forum. If you want the name of this company send me a private message and I'l gladly give you their name.

5. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 10y

I must ashamedly admit that real Argentine culture seems to exist mostly within the city limits of BsAs. Outside, the few places of cultural interest that you find are your typical south-American hispanic colonist towns. Not very interesting, if you ask me, but unfortunately the Spanish settlers (and the brits! let's not forget the brits!) did a thorough job extinguishing all traces of indigenous culture...

no, focusing on cultural encounters while travelling Argentina means missing out on a lot of other interesting stuff. The cities have their merits for daily life, rather than for impressive cultural landmarks or history. And the nature is stunning!

I'd recommend to take lots of time for Buenos Aires; in total I've been wandering around that city for more than six months (spread over several years), and I still want to go back for more. Then, don't miss Cordoba, Salta and Tucuman, and Parana up north. Rosario is nice, too. Tucuman is probably, after BsAs, the city of most historical importance since the country technically was founded there in 1850-something.

Then there's the Jezuit missions in Missiones which are worth visiting, and some indian remains in the Cafayate area as well as around Quilmes. Maybe you should buy a guidebook; the LP argentina book is pretty thorough (if you buy a guidebook for all of South America, buy the SA handbook instead).

good luck, have fun travelling,
Niels (Amsterdam)

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6. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 10y

Quoting bentivogli

1: all destinations mentioned are more or less an overnight journey away from BsAs, give or take a few hours. I'd recommend going by bus instead of renting a vehicle, it's easier, more relaxed, cheaper and safer.

...and more environmentally friendly!!!


7. Posted by helper (Full Member 55 posts) 10y

me, a local.

1.- break the trips.
buenos aires - cordoba 3 nights (not necessarily in the same city)
cordoba - tucuman to see the ruinas de quilmes.1 night
tucuman salta 4 nights make it a base for Salta excursions..
salta jujuy 3 nights make it a base for Jujuy excursions.

a) bus from jujuy to Iguazu in Misiones. more than a night.
but you avoid coming to buenos aires by plane and then leaving to misiones by plane, which is also a waste of time.

in Posadas the Jesuit Ruins. go up to the falls in iguazu
come by plane. it is 17 hs. too much.

dont drive, buses are excellent.

b)You can go from Jujuy Salta to Mendoza and the ride is excellent for peanuts.

c) the best
if you are young and fit. and you want to do a lot, this is possible and not difficult.

buenos aires-iguazu by plane. u$s 100
iguazu salta by bus.u$s 60 all night
salta mendoza by bus u$s 60 all night and a bit more. excellent.
mendoza cordoba by bus u$s 40 maybe less than a night.
cordoba bue by bus. u$s 40 a night.

Macchu Picchu is not to be bussed. long way.
you will take 4 nights minimum
do it by plane and yes, it is incredible.


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