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1. Posted by mumu1978 (Budding Member, 29 posts) 22 May '06 12:50

We are heading to NYC for the first week in July.
Is the a hotel anyone reccomends?
Any restaurants that you have been to that are nice. Especially Thai. Any little lunch cafes. What about a show that was really good.
Also I would like to see some movie stars...hahhaha. Any bar that you would see them if you were outside?
Any help would be much appreciated...

2. Posted by globalgirl (Full Member, 64 posts) 22 May '06 13:17

a few great Asian restuarants:

- Tao (midtown)
- Spice Market (west village)
- Kittichai (soho area - this one is thai food)
- Asia de Cuba (midtown - asian/cuban food - food here is SO good!!)

make sure you make reservations far in advance. particularly for weekend nights and for large parties.


3. Posted by mumu1978 (Budding Member, 29 posts) 22 May '06 14:58

Thank you so much for your suggestions. We will definetly check out the Thai one!

4. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru, 2634 posts) 22 May '06 16:41

What is your budget for hotel?

5. Posted by mumu1978 (Budding Member, 29 posts) 23 May '06 07:38

Not more than 200 probably.
We were looking at the Belvedere.

6. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru, 2634 posts) 23 May '06 08:31

For $200, you should be able to find a decent place if you book soon. Don't wait too long to book - this weekend I couldn't find a hotel in New York for less than $350, and ended up staying in Secaucus, New Jersey - it wasn't bad - just a 15 minute bus ride into Manhattan.