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Visas for Ghana...?

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1. Posted by liz_w (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

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Just joined Travellerspoint so thought I'd post my first post!

Quick question really - my boyfriend and I are going to Ghana on June 18th for almost a month and we're just sorting out our visas; does anyone know if you need references from within Ghana to travel to Ghana? On the form it asks for 2 references... it should be fine to sort this out, but I just wondered whether anyone knew much about it. Thanks!

Also while I'm here... has anyone stayed in the lodge in Mole national park? What's it like & is it worth booking accommodation there in advance? Also any general tips/recommendations about Ghana would be much appreciated!
We're going to be travelling there and also making a short film to bring awareness of trade issues and be used by Christian Aid, so will be visiting the south and north.

Thanks for your time!
Liz x

2. Posted by sunburnt (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

Hi Liz

I went to Ghana in November of 2005 and as far as I can remeber I didnt need references for my visa application.

As for Mole, it's a really neat place and Id say worth the long, tiring, dirty, unreliable trip. When I went, it took a good 10 hours from Kumasi because our bus crashed (not seriously)... I dont want to worry you though and Im sure you'll have better luck The scenery is great and while the actual motel isnt really spectacular, the experience is great. Walking to the pool you'll see baboons running around everywhere and warthogs too. We didnt see any elephants but apparently they were drinking from the pool the week before!

You'll meet tons of great people and I garuntee you're going to make tons of new friends, my only advice is to be sensitive to taking people's pictures and/or filming them. I met a few people who didn't want any pictures taken (although it was rare).

Hope this helps a little?


3. Posted by liz_w (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

Hi Krista!

Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.

Yeah Mole looks like a nice place; looking forward to it. Did you reserve accomodation at the motel there before you went...? As we're going next month, I don't think it'll be particulary busy as it's not the best season out there at the moment.

I've heard the transport isn't that great - sounds like you discovered that when you crashed! Poor you - hope you were OK! Hopefully there'll be buses between Accra/Tamale/Kumasi etc.

Well, thanks again for your help. If you think of any other useful advice/stories/tips/good places to go then I'd love to hear about it!

Love from Liz xxx

4. Posted by Mkia (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

Quoting liz_w

Hi Krista!
I've heard the transport isn't that great - sounds like you discovered that when you crashed! Poor you - hope you were OK! Hopefully there'll be buses between Accra/Tamale/Kumasi etc.

I've been to Ghana last new year and it's great!!
Krista's right transport is not as it is in europe...but there are some decent buses. U'll find for sure buses between Accra Tamale and Kumasi...if there aren't no buses u can always go by tro-tro which is like a taxi van...THAT is not great transport but it is an adventure and it can be quite fun...
When we were there we were traveling across ghana all the time by tro-tro's or by taxi which is very cheap.
IMPORTANT thing to know is that you should bargain for a price...:))
Sometimes they'll say a price which is 5 times bigger than the real one. Like we payed 15000cd's for 25 km ride and at that's very very cheap.
But u should definitly see the coast...
I recomend Green Turtle Lodge which is near Takoradi and an English couple is holding the place (Joe and Tom). That place is heaven on earth. Near Cape Coast there're a lot of nice beaches and Kakum national park where you can do canopy walking (one of the 4 parks in the world where u can do it). Amazing experience...Near Accra is Kokorobite beach (u can stay at big milly's or there is a Slovinian woman that has a lodge quite nice there. U can take taxi form accra and don't let the taxi driver charge you more then 20000cd's and that's a lot.
And there's a lot more to see there...

Bradt guide for Ghana is great and quite usefull so if you can find it that could give u some great ideas.

5. Posted by Mkia (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

one more thing...
just try to look like you've been there for ages...

and enjoy enjoy enjoy

definitly try lobsters if you pass cape coast or elmina

6. Posted by sunburnt (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

Hey again

Takoradi and the Cape Coast were proabably my favourite part of my trip. I'd also highly recommend Green Turtle Lodge. As Mkia said, its heaven on earth. Beautiful beach, interesting people, great food, and not so far removed from everything that you won't see local people too... We didnt get to see any turtles while we were there, but apparently there was one on the beach the first night we got there, so good luck wih that when you go.

I only spent one night in Cape Coast but could have easily spent a few more. Aside from the castle which we spent a full day at, the town has a good vibe and would have been fun to explore more

We ended up taking a taxi between Green Turtle and Cape Coast which was about an hour's trip and only cost about 25$ US, (what a deal!) Another option besides the busses and the tro tros are the big suburban things. They seat about 12- 15 people and best of all they have air conditioning

The Bradt guide was immensely useful and I think it's the only travel book specifically for Ghana.