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where can I complain about one hotel?

Travel Forums Europe where can I complain about one hotel?

1. Posted by qnx (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

Hi All,

I had very bad experience with one hotel in Italy. This 2 star hotel is not big and I can't write a complaining letter to the "president of the company" because the owner is the one whom I want to complain about. What can I do? Where can I complain? How do I find the right place to complain?

Thanks a million for any help!

2. Posted by hoosierdeb (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

I would go to and look up your hotel in their search, and add to the comments. If they do not have one started for that hotel, go ahead and start one.
Another site is the THORNTREE FORUM at ....Just sign up, then go to the Europe branch and title your post "Bad Hotel in Italy" or something like that...and warn others about it.

I don't know if this will help you, but it will feel good to get it out there. Oh, RickSteve's Europe through the back door is another site to try.
Remember to praise the good Hotels out there, so others, and even the Hotel owners, can see it.

3. Posted by strayalien (Budding Member 120 posts) 10y

why don't you start here

4. Posted by flo jo (Respected Member 414 posts) 10y

Why dont you write to the tourism office of the city where the hotel is. They will stop recommending it.
Being an hotel manager myself I will appreciate a copy of the letter to be post to me, so he will understand that bad behaviour dont get unpunished. Anyway we never get any complaints,

First of all I will start my complaint making a post on TP, words to mouth can be the worse or the best publicity.