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I can go anywhere in the world-where should I go?

Travel Forums General Talk I can go anywhere in the world-where should I go?

1. Posted by NativTexan (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to go anywhere
in the world, and cost and expenseses is not an issue.
So what is the most amazing,beautiful,fun, etc. place in the
world that I should choose? If you could explain how its
so great that would help me decide, too.

2. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 10y

The World.

Honestly, if i had the time or the money (one of them is always the issue) I would buy myself a sturdy no-frills bike, a light-weight four-season-tent and leave my home to never come back. I would bike around the world, flying only twice to get to the Americas and back to Europe.

Unfortunately, I would need half a million EUR to do this the way I really want to.

3. Posted by Fern1 (Full Member 53 posts) 10y

with all that money, strange that you need to ask.

4. Posted by Lush88 (Full Member 66 posts) 10y envious!!!!

So many choices.....take a look at and see if you get inspired.
I personally would go to South Africa on a safari expedition, South America for cultural experience, Hong Kong for shopping experience, Egypt for the Nile river, Paris for romance, Pacific Islands for more culture shock, all over Europe....Rome for the historic architecture-temples,pyramids,colosseum!

How does all that sound....? Damn, thats a fantastic opportunity....enjoy!

5. Posted by TylerJames (Respected Member 333 posts) 10y

goto australia then asia through india into europe and down to africa fly to south america and down to antartica. set foot on all contenitents

6. Posted by Belliveau (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

Madagascar if you want to see a real Dr. Suess country of absurd animals and plants, including the rare indri lemur that sings like a whale.