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What makes you proud of your country??

Travel Forums General Talk What makes you proud of your country??

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101. Posted by ChIqUiTtA (Respected Member 278 posts) 10y

i am proud of my freedom...

102. Posted by Zoom (Full Member 131 posts) 10y

Quoting ChIqUiTtA

i am proud of my freedom...

Dear Chiquitta, that's kind of an interesting comment because IMHO we're all born free and it's only repressive Governments around the world that take it away from us - take away something that is really ours. With that said maybe you meant the freedom in your country. I would have to agree that Canada has a great form of Government that puts its people first with it's Universal Health Care and great public schools (among other things). I've studied your system a lot as well as have very good friends in Vancouver and Montreal (it's been a while since I visited both places). Yeah, I'd have to say these days, as a few countries have so greatly lost their way - maybe for good, Canada is really on the right track. Be happy you can live in such a great country run by smart, thinking people. Take Care, Zoom

103. Posted by Gerrit_BE (Full Member 83 posts) 10y

I have never felt national pride, and still don't. It is a completely unknown feeling to me. Maybe I will change about it once I discover that place that I call a home. But I find national pride something very strange ; I try not to think in terms of countries with borders as I am too much attracted by the world outside.

As for things to be proud of about Belgium: the beautiful cities. Things to be ashames of about Belgium: a few too many to feel any nationalistic pride.

104. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 10y

I really have to bring this up again! I'm proud of my country because in Sweden we have a special day to celebrate the cinnamon roll, The Day of The Cinnamon Roll. It's the 4th of October and there is absolutely no point except the joy of eating cinnamon rolls. I think it's a fantastic idea! It was yesterday, and it was great! I had two.


105. Posted by cookieyum (Inactive 75 posts) 10y

The quality of British music and Cadbury's chocolate!

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