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What makes you proud of your country??

Travel Forums General Talk What makes you proud of your country??


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61. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 10y

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I love being Irish! Other nationalities seem to be very fond of us, and that´s a great thing to feel when you are so far away from home.

No Evelyn, they just see an attractive, young, single girl and want to have sex with you .

That's just you James - in you dreams ;)

Well it may be, but it wouldn't be your dream. For a start she's not a nurse, and, more importantly, she's not a he

62. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 10y

James, shut up, ya flaaaming gallaaaah!

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64. Posted by rach8645 (Inactive 62 posts) 10y

Can i remind people that ENGLAND ROCKS

We have the best language - that all the world decides to borrow and change and send back to us and tell us we're wrong... im in Oz now and Ozzies ITS FOOTBALL OKAY NOT SOCCER!

Phew that one aside,
there's HP Sauce - chips that stick to the paper - Vindaloo - Lake District - Us sexy ladies (come on you know we are!) - The Sun paper (pure class) - comedy (you know damned well noone quite has the English wit) - history and our music scene is second to none.

Topical right now most of the best players in this World Cup are trained in England - and everyone wants to beat us... doesnt that PROVE how soddin amazing it is.

Having lived in Oz now 7 months (and guys I love Oz too so this is not bashing it) I happen to like English news - sad I know but its less bias (I did say less) and English standards with racism... we have class.;) God and the BBC - cant stand the sodding adverts of TV here... madness!

Aside all this and most important by my standards there's Cadbury chocs (without crap in them) and - the pinnicle now... Monster Munch

We might have a lot of problems as a nation but it is a hell of a good one to be a part of - our money, passport, language and attitude is second to none... its not all rain and bad teeth.

I happen to have lovely teeth


65. Posted by mat44 (Full Member 58 posts) 10y

im in Oz now and Ozzies ITS FOOTBALL OKAY NOT SOCCER!

wel if your in australia its soccer, hence the name the socceroos. and as for everyone wanting to beat England... the team to beat is definetely brazil

66. Posted by rach8645 (Inactive 62 posts) 10y

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im in Oz now and Ozzies ITS FOOTBALL OKAY NOT SOCCER!

wel if your in australia its soccer, hence the name the socceroos. and as for everyone wanting to beat England... the team to beat is definetely brazil

Now now do I have to really say it twice - you and America are the ONLY ones not joining in... think you forget who's language your talking when you talk - erm - ENGLISH...

Let me help you here - Football for all normal playing teams - is what we're celebrating in the World Cup - if you want to play get with it!

Socceroos isnt even English its made up you cant seriously use that for your arguement... Come on! You guys havent played in this for what - 30 odd years and try and tell an English person Im saying the wrong word...

Wow this kinda confirms my view on your view of football... clueless!

67. Posted by TravelMc (Respected Member 93 posts) 10y

Re the Soccer/Football debate

I think you've just underlined why football fans are the worst fans of any sport in the world. Maybe you should be warm and fuzzy with each other and dispell the belief that only hooligans enjoy football. Come to think of it - I've never heard of 'soccer fans' sparking riots and beating up innocent women and children through sheer exuberance at their personal match experience! Maybe thats why we antipodeans call is soccer and not football!

Either way: Go Rugby!

68. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

The Kiwi's, All Blacks, Speights and not forgetting L&P and pinky bars !!!

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70. Posted by ely_sphene (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

What makes me proud of my country?

There's a lot of things in my country, Philippines, that I'm not so proud of. But there are also a lot that I love here.

1. The white sand beaches. Boracay, El Nido, Palawan, Camiguin and Cebu are examples.
2. The 8th natural wonder of the world - The Rice Terraces
3. The hopitality of the folks.
4. The countryside.
5. The mountains.
6. The caves. There's so much unexplored caves around here.
7. The malls. hahahaha. They're really big.
8. The festivals. There's one in every town.
7. The old spanish fortresses.
8. The old, historic chruches.
9. The food. It's usually diverse here when it comes to food.
10. Dried mangoes. Mangoes in general.
11. Vigan (name of the city). It's a UN Heritage site where the whole city is a museum.
12. Manny Paquiao, the boxer.
13. Efren "Bata" Reyes, the pool world champion