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1. Posted by calnhobs (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

i am an american in london on business and leaving for djerba tunisia on may 7 till may 11 to attend the ghirba festival on may 9-10. i am totally excited and can't wait... i plan to spend 5 hours on friday in tunis and hit the bardo and the medina and get to djerba on friday night... on sunday and monday i will be in djerba at the festival but i thought on saturday i'd try to take a day trip to the sahara or a camel trek... anyone have any info? will i be able to arrange something like that from the hotel. its a nice hotel on the beach. let me know your thoughts! thanks- heather

2. Posted by lex (Full Member 32 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey you lucky thing! Tunisia rocks!
Assuming you're anywhere near the slightest patch of sand i should think your hotel will have tons of camel rides on offer- however it's easy to get disappointed, especially around the big resorts it can be a bit of an anticlimax as you can get charged huge rates for a a once around the block kind of cop-out. If you just want to do it for a laugh then a hotel trip will be fine as camels really are the most grumpy animals in the world but great fun. If you have the time then the closer you are to the sahara edge then the more "real" an experience i suppose it'll be as you can quite often pay the tuareg nomads and traders to take you out for a while. I spent a few days with some tuaregs on the other side of the Sahara from Timbuktu out into the real desert and slept on the dunes which was amazing and so much more exciting than a ride along the beach but of course it depends how much time you have.
Whatever you decide do have a go as it's always hilarious getting on and off and watching other people flounder, in the nicest possible way...
And one piece of indispensible advice for the gals - DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, WEAR A G-STRING! Even if its the last clean item in your bag you will suffer the consequences (i.e. extreme discomfort and much teasing from male travelling companians!)
Have a great trip,
lex. xx