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1. Posted by billybliss (Full Member 29 posts) 12y

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Hi everyone,
I'm planning on taking a year out and backpacking Australia ans New Zealand as from Sept! Has anyone got any tips on where to look for and how to pre-book hostels! I am planning to start in Melbourne and would like the comfort of knowing I had somewhere to stay for the first couple of weeks! Any help would be great!

2. Posted by saz (Full Member 20 posts) 12y

hey (again)

i started my backpacking adventure in melbourne too and just looked on the internet for hostels, i stayed in the international backpackers hostel which is on elizabeth street and can give you more information about it if you would like, there are loads of hostels in melbourne hotel bakpak is also a good one to stay, just search the web or even better buy a lonely plant guide to oz and it has really good info (couldnt cope without mine) gives you phone numbers and just call its around $18-22 a night in most hostels with free breakfast included!

hope that helps

3. Posted by billybliss (Full Member 29 posts) 12y

Hi Sarah,
Thanks again for your reply! I already have the lonely planet guide and for some silly reason I didn't think of looking there! (that was too much of an easy solution for me!! lol) Any more help you can give me will be much appreciated!! Cheers