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Help me plan my trip to Australia(and new zealand)?!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Help me plan my trip to Australia(and new zealand)?!

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1. Posted by mrjames2k (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

Hey, im planning on going on a trip with my fam.(i'm 19) for a bit over a week in the middle of august and just wanted any advice that anyone could give me on sights and other major things that i need to know for planning my trip. I'm also an advanced scuba diver and heared that the diving is great by the great barrier reef. however being that its the winter that time of the year how wil the weather be, will it be cold or will it still be hot enough to do water sports such as scuba and white water rafting. as of now i have a basic plan of starting off in sydney and moving along to the great barrier reef then to surfers paradise and was told that theres not much to do in melbourne. a friend also told me to check out new zealand. is there much to do there? I am a skier, if there's any good skiing that time of year. Any info at all is appreciated.

Jimmy G

2. Posted by thewitness (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

A week in australia is a very short time, especially when you take into account the travelling distances. its over 1000kms between sydney and brisbane. surfers is between sydney and the great barrier reef so obviously you wouldnt be intending to drive in the order you stated. flights are your only option for getting around quickly in your short stay cause your trying to cover such great distances. the great barrier reef is in a tropical climate so it doesnt really have a winter, august is the dry season up there so probably the best time for scuba ut on the reef. should still be mid 20's in temp up round cairns at that time of year. you would have no chance of getting to new zealand or melbourne in just over a week. if you want to go skiing our best bet would be in southern new south wales, theres generally good snow cover in august. Places like perisher blue or thredbo would be your best options but these are about 4 or 5 hours drive south west of sydney if theres not to much snow on the roads.

3. Posted by thewitness (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

ok make that road trip to the snow more like 6 or 7 hours, ive never driven there from sydney ive always gone from the inland side of the mountains.

4. Posted by mat44 (Full Member 58 posts) 10y

i have to agree with the whitness... a week in Aus is a very short time. You would be better off staying in Cairns the Whole time and having a look around the Whitsunday islands/great barrier reef... dont worry a week would definetely not be to much! In terms of diving the great barrier reef is as beautiful as it gets, its one of the natural wonders of the world and for good reason. As thewitness said Cairns is in the tropics so it doesnt have a winter and being from canada you would pretty much find all of Australia very hot.

If you didnt want to spend a whole week up in the tropics you could do a day trip there and then fly down to the Gold Coast or Sydney for the rest of your time in Aus.

5. Posted by mrjames2k (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

I could extend the trip by a few days especially if thats necessary. not really interested in the western side of Aus. How long wuld the flight be from sydney to new zealand and do you know anything about the skiing there(which is best). also the weather is nice by the great barrier reef, but what about the rest og the eastern side?


6. Posted by mat44 (Full Member 58 posts) 10y

fair enough i think alot of people would prefer the East of Aus to the West. The flight from Sydney to NZ is about 4 hours i think, not quite sure tho. The best skiing in Australia is probably in Victoria (Mt Bulla, Mt Hotham and Falls creek).

I think it would be a good idea to extend the length of ur trip in Aus if you want to see Sydney and The whitsundays, there is alot in between those to places aswel. as for the whether... Sydney is generally fairly warm and quite hot in summer and the Gold Coast(surfers paradise) is sub tropical climate so fairly hot.

7. Posted by mrjames2k (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

Seems the main places to visit are sydney, the gold coast(surfrs paradise), & witsunday(great barrier reef). Is that right? What do you mean that there's good places to stop in between? Also flying to new zealand isn't a problem. I'm just under the impression that skiings the only thing 2 do there then, but if theres good skiing in aus. Is it worth even going to n.z.? 3 days nz and 7 E. Coast Aus?

8. Posted by mrjames2k (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

And also whats in cairns?

9. Posted by mrjames2k (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

And also whats in cairns?

10. Posted by mat44 (Full Member 58 posts) 10y

Definetely visit Sydney and The whitsundays. Theres alot of places heading down south to Sydney along the east coast that you may want to check out aswel e.g The Gold Coast, Byron Bay in New South Whales and The sunshine coast its really up to you... you might just want to head straight down to Sydney... Those places all have nice beaches and great surf if your into that though.

There is ok skiing in Victoria (Falls creek, Mt Hotham and Mt Bulla) but NZ would have better skiing.

As for things to do in Cairns im not realy sure... the beaches arent very nice there its mainly used as a gateway to the great barrier reed and whitsundays.