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Europe to Oz overland - advice please

Travel Forums Asia Europe to Oz overland - advice please

1. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 10y

Just a quick, so far theoretical question:

If one does the big overland EU-Oz tour, which way should the route go? Via China or via India?

I've got everything worked out up to China/Vietnam or India, but I'm stuck on possible ways that go further south.

I would also like tips and time/cost estimation from people who have done parts of a possible route. The only limitation I have will be costs, not time.

2. Posted by till (Full Member 73 posts) 9y

a possible way is to go trough indonesia, and to take the different ferries there, ok i won't be very easy but it is a tought

3. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 9y

If one does the big overland EU-Oz tour, which way should the route go? Via China or via India?

That's not actually the problem. The big problem is actually getting to Australia. There is no scheduled surface transport from Indonesia to Australia, so even though it's only a short distance, its the bit where most people get stuck. If you actually want to get to Australia, you are much better off going to one of the major contained ports in Europe or Asia and getting a freight ship from there. There are a few individuals with provate boats and occassional yaughts who go from Oz to Indonesia or vv, but they are very hit and miss, and you might have to spend months in Indo, before you find one. I've answered similar before and put up a handfull of links before about this - including of two school friends who actually did it, by finding a really dodgy guy and his yaught to get from SE Indo to Oz - but don't have them to hand on this PC. You might them through searching TP though.

As to your original question, if you aren't going to boat it from India/Sri Lanka, you will have to go through China anyway [and remember that it's officially impossible to go overland through Myanmar for foreigners], and if you via Nepal, you are going the wrong way (altitude wise). From China, it's easy to get to Singapore and Indonesia by land.

It all depends on what your trip is for and what you are trying to acheive/see. Is it to get to Australia or see as much as you can, or....?


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