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Trip to Canada and USA

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1. Posted by poiseivy (Inactive 9 posts) 10y

Hey everyone,

My friend and I are going to Canada - Boston - New York - Buffalo - Canada in September '06. We are both from London, UK. But was just wondering if anyone can tell us if we need any sort of documentation travelling from Canada into U.S.



2. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 10y

All you'll need is your passport. Canadians crossing into the States still have easier access than people from most other countries, but a passport should do you fine. Be prepared for an eye scan and a fingerprint donation at the airport, though.

What parts of Canada are you planning to visit? It's a big country! I'd suggest Montreal, since it's relatively close to New York, but I'm a little biased...

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4. Posted by poiseivy (Inactive 9 posts) 10y


Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate your advice. We're actually going to Toronto - Niagara Falls area. But then doing a road trip down to Boston and New York. We were thinking of going to Montreal, but thought we might not have enough time to see so many beautiful cities in just over two weeks.