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Where to spend a white christmas in Europe?

Travel Forums Europe Where to spend a white christmas in Europe?

1. Posted by mtnfreak (Full Member 31 posts) 10y

My parents are living in London and have just suggested my sister & I go over there this christmas (we'll probably only have a week) and we can pick where to spend does anyone have any ideas for an interesting/cool place to spend a white christmas? Countries (Iceland?) or more specific, like a castle hotel in Scotland or something... ??? There's just too many possibilities, I need some help!

thanks in advance...


2. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 10y

possibilities are actually rather limited...

biggest chance to have white Xm would be in Scandinavia (esp. Sweden and Finland); everywhere else there is a fair chance of rain...


3. Posted by flo jo (Respected Member 414 posts) 10y

Hi Jodie,

Did you consider Andorra. It´s a excellent place for Christmas and you can go skiing. Check my profile you will get some pics on Andorra.

If you want more details on Andorra drop me a line.


4. Posted by mtnfreak (Full Member 31 posts) 10y

oh, really....I had wondered. How about Norway? I have been there for a week before but obviously didn't get to see too much. I'm quite happy for any suggestions of mountainous places where snow would be much more likely! I love the mountains, although it might have to be somewhere not too far from a town/city where if the weather was too bad to do anything we could find something...

I'll check out Andorra, Flo jo, thanks.
I love skiing, only thing is I'm not sure my mother and sister would enjoy that...they're not very sports-orientated...unfortunately.