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Advice for the skint backpacker

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1. Posted by kruzinkiwi (Budding Member 152 posts) 10y

Go to the hospital and say you dont feel well to get a free nights acommodation and food.;)

2. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

Police cells/Prison is also a viable option for longer term stays, as hospitals normally kick you out after a day or two. And sometimes even force you to pay.

Monastaries are a good bet for free accom and (normally veggie) food etc in many parts of the world, but don't expect to be able to lie in late...

3. Posted by wotthefiqh (Inactive 1447 posts) 10y

Call home

4. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4136 posts) 10y

Sell your passport to some crooks, then go to your embassy and report it "lost"

5. Posted by SeeTheSky (Respected Member 558 posts) 10y

wal-mart. the only place where everything is free if you walk out with it like you just bought it. its all about looking like your doing nothing wrong
yea im a theif but id never steal form anything but a corporation.
convient self-justification hahahah

id say hop the turnbars at subways and whatnot but with the terrorism nowadays you can get shot lol. so now id say just go up to the handicap doorway, reach over and open it.. once again the key is look like your supposed to be doin it.

another thing, as far as taking shit from stores, if its visible on your person its not attempted theft, you can always claim you forgot and you had it and just started to walk out.. so just dont pocket it unless youre sure youll walk away with it.

if you wanna see a free movie, check out the exit doors to theaters, they usually leave em open a bit and you can pull em open an just walk into whatever movie you like.

if you go to a busy eatery you can always just get food, go to the bathroom, and then just walk straight out afterwards... good ol' dine an dash.. thats a lil more sketchy though.

i know theres alot more i just cant remember em cuz im so tired

6. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4136 posts) 10y

Buy a bucket with a lid on it, print out the name of some non-existant charity, stick it on the side of the bucket and hang around busy retail areas asking shoppers for donations

7. Posted by kruzinkiwi (Budding Member 152 posts) 10y

I did get offered $2000 New Zealand plus $5000 American for my passport.I never sold it but with no job now i think twice.

8. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 10y

If you're hungry enough, dumpster diving is always an option ;)

9. Posted by strayalien (Budding Member 120 posts) 10y


10. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 10y

What's that you said Mikey? Selling your body? It got you your taxi fare home that time?

Flipping heck!

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