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From Treviso to Pula: bus, or train?

Travel Forums Europe From Treviso to Pula: bus, or train?

1. Posted by griffco (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y

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Hello folks:

Traveling from Treviso, Italy, to Pula, Croatia: has anyone taken a train? Would it be Treviso-Trieste-Pula? It's also been recommended to take the train to Trieste and then a bus to Pula. What do you think? -griff

2. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 10y

Hey Griff,

Never done it, but it sounds exciting. As far as I know, ALL trains to Croatia pass through either Trieste or Gorizia, so you're probably on the right track. Don't know about the second bit; why not just see whether it's possible, and go by bus if stranded?

have fun,
Niels (Amsterdam)

3. Posted by amanecer (Respected Member 203 posts) 10y

going by train it's a long way (10 hours): via Trieste(I)- or Postojnska (Sl)
or via Udine (I) VIllach (A)Liublijana (SL).

in my opinion better to take a train from treviso to trieste (2 hours ) and from trieste take a bus to Pula (3 hours-3hours and half)
CHECK IF THE BUS RUNS ALSO ON SUNDAYS (last year there was any bus crossing the Italian-Slovenian border on sundays, nor from Trieste neither from Gorizia, but maybe the direct buses from Trieste to Croatia are different)

4. Posted by griffco (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y

Thanks, everyone. I'm going to take the train from Treviso to Trieste, and the bus from Trieste to Pula. Your input was invaluable.

Now on to problem #2... Dubrovnik to Milan, in the shortest time (short of flying). What do you think... Dubrovnik to Split by ferry, Split to Ancona by ferry, then train from Ancona to Milan? Hope I can line up the arrivals and departures and get the traveling done in one day! Whew!