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1. Posted by gypsygenes (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

I would be most appreciative of any reflections you might offer to my situation!

My task is to HURRY try and set a realistic budget for a possible trip to Sweden! I need to save money quickly and some family members are willing to help.

I have Googled the topic to death! I still feel nervous about setting a budget.

The situation in a nutshell: My spouse is going on business to record the Malmo Symphony Orchestra right before the Malmo Festival. This is probably the most expensive time to go! I think we would fly in to either Copenhagen or Stockholm? I will have to pay for my own air, ground transport and food for about 1 week. Hotel will be covered. I will eat economically. I am NOT a fancy person! The kinds of spending I might do is on local music. Photographs and music are always my souvenirs of my travels.

We live in Los Angeles. Flights have a layover on the east coast.

With a lack of specific information, I have been planning for about 2 grand. Does this seem real or two low? I don't want to under-budget.

Any attention that you give to my question would be gratefully received!


2. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru 5077 posts) 10y

Hi Kim. You say your spouse is on business? I take it this means you'll stay in his room free of charge.

3. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4890 posts) 10y

$2000 should be plenty. I think you should count on about $1000 for the flight to Copenhagen (I don't know what options for flights there at the moment, but I expect you would by now, so adjust based on your own findings). Maybe $60 for the short (35 min) train ride to Malmö and back. I did this a couple of years ago; don't really remember the price ($60 is a wild stab in the dark), but it wasn't overly expensive, so $60 should be a maximum. (I can't get any site to give me an actual cost for this trip. Surely there's a local Swede or Dane around who can tell us??!)
Then, even though Sweden is really expensive, I doubt if you'd spend more than €25 per day on food when eating aconomically. Times seven, converted to dollars, and doubled just to be absolutely safe makes $450. That still leaves you with $500 for music, or if that plane flight turns out to be a lot more expensive.

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4. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4890 posts) 10y

Ok, a swedish friend of mine found a page which seems to say 90 swedish crowns (roughly €9, or $12) for the trip from Copenhagen to Malmö. I expect the trip from the airport to wherever this train leaves from to cost a few bucks as well, but that's definitely a very reasonable price.

5. Posted by thijsd (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y

I would recommend you to travel to Copenhagen (although Stockholm is a nice city too! :) Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) happens to lie exactly between Copenhagen and Malmö, on the Danish side of the Øresund/Öresund bridge. All trains from Copenhagen to Malmö call at Kastrup Airport, every 20 minutes (from midnight to 5 am every hour). Kastrup-Malmö is a 20-25 minute ride. (cf. Stockholm Airport to Malmö: at least 5.5 hours with one change). A single ticket Kastrup-Malmö costs 72 Danish kroner, that's $12. (A single ticket Stockholm Airport - Malmö would be at least $80 when you purchase your ticket way in advance).

Sweden is actually somewhat cheaper than Denmark (apart from alcoholic beverages), but the weak dollar/strong krona makes your stay cost a lot. For example, a coffee in a cafe costs about 20-22 kronor, or $2.70-$3. A bus ticket in Malmö (if necessary, as the city center is not that big) costs 15 kronor, or $2. But $2000 (SEK 14700) sounds to me like (more than) enough!

6. Posted by Ibake (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

Try Icelantic for flying to Copenhagen...pretty good prices out of Boston right now...good luck!