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Overstaying in Schengen

Travel Forums Europe Overstaying in Schengen

1. Posted by didier (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y

This thread is marked as being about Germany

Hi ,

i think i know almost everything about the theory and the potential risks, but did anybody experienced her/himself to overstay in the Schegen zone, and if yes, what has happened?

Should my malaysian girlfriend take the risk or not ?

Thanks for any advice


2. Posted by (Full Member 111 posts) 12y

I dont understand your fear of Schengen..
What should be the problem going there??

3. Posted by nieck (Full Member 24 posts) 12y

i dont get the problem either... sorry.

maybe you kinda mixed up some terms! (?)
the schengen zone is the group of countries that you can move in without having to show your passport/wait in line/get checked when crossing over an international border. you only have to show your passport, etc. when you enter or leave the schengen zone.
i dont really have an idea of what else you might be scared about in germany...

4. Posted by (Full Member 111 posts) 12y

yep, Schengen is a city in luxemburg where the EU heads decided that Europeans travelling within Europe just have to carry their passport.
In reality, at most borders thereĀ“s no control anymore..but of course you should carry a passport with you in case of policecontrol, hotel check-in, etc..

hope i could help ya,


5. Posted by didier (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y


it seems that i haven't be very clear. My question is: "What happens if you OVERSTAY in one of the country of the Schengen zone?"

The risks i was speaking about are not the risks of a travel in Europe, but the risks taken by somebody who OVERSTAYS in Europe. (your name put on a black list, no visa granted anymore for a Schengen country for the next 3 years, be fined...).

OK that's all theory, rumors and everybody has its own idea of what could happen but did anybody belonging to this forum already overstay himself/herself in one of the country of the Schengen area? And if yes, what has happened? i'd like a direct feedback...


6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5932 posts) 12y

Well, it wouldn't really be appropriate to discuss how to overstay on this forum as it is quite simply illegal. It would be like discussing how risky it is to smuggle drugs into Malaysia And considering it is against our rules to post illegal stuff here, I would have to edit out any comments anyway! Basically, if you plan on breaking any laws, you are on your own. Contact an embassy for the most accurate information.

Cheers, Peter