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Farewell to another great travel site...

Travel Forums General Talk Farewell to another great travel site...

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11. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

but definetly signing up on the new site.

It's not the only one out there. Is actually bigger, although i don't like it anywhere near as much, whilst the likes of Servas and also exist.

Are you serious?!?! I get loads of requests all the time, and I live only like one hour away from you!!!

Only an hour, sure, but Lund is somewhere people have heard of and want to visit, whereas Kristianstad isn't. Simple as that, really. Actually, I got my first request only a couple of days before It died, from 3 Swedish guys cycling to the continent, but it then crashed and I don't have a house anyway...

I'm gonna send you a request as soon as it all works again

Theres a guy in BorĂ¥s I have an agreement with. He's the same as me, so we're going request to visit each other (and probably even do it) just for the heck of it!

but then again, maybe the lack of requests doesn't really matter regarding the lack of a home...

There is that. And on that note, if you happen to know anybody up this part of Skane who might be looking for a flat mate, or leaving and their place is becoming available, can you let me know?! Am going to be hoping between half a dozen colleagues, my boss and couple of other friends until i find somewhere, and there's a big lack available, despite the students all leaving. Cheers!

12. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 10y

Quoting Gelli

Long live couchsurfing

Whoohooooooo....yippieeeeee!!! Even though I know there is only ONE travel related site...;)

13. Posted by s_hoot (Respected Member 497 posts) 10y

Have no fear, is just as good if not easier to use.

14. Posted by Demian (Full Member 117 posts) 10y

Yup, Fantastically, Version 2 should be live in about 10days time. As a serial user (but sadly, never host because i live somewhere obscure and never eve have had a request), it*s great news that it will be back!

Couchsurfing is dead. Long live couchsurfing

Actually, it is already recucitated!!!! read

on how they did it!

As a new user, my account was lost, so I have to rebuild it. But I'll do it with pleasure! Sure going to use the great concept!

15. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 10y

So... I guess everything is allright then! I was lucky, my profile was perfectly intact. Go, couchsurfing, go!!!


16. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 10y

This is funny....CNN has JUST heard about was posted two hours ago... They are a tad slow....

17. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 10y

That is slow indeed... My god it's already up and running, and everyone seems more active than ever, I get loads of requests all the time now! Unfortunatelly, most people want to come during the first two weeks in August, when I'm already busy with visiting family... :(


18. Posted by Rudradeb (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y

[Have no fear, is just as good if not easier to use.]

globalfreeloaders just does not compare with Freeloaders does not display any information about the person wanting to stay with you, no photographs or other relevant data. Hospitalityclub may be bigger but the site is again not a patch on couchsurfing. I am a member of all three sites but couchsurfing is by far the best. Was really missing it the few days it was not operational.

[ Edit: Edited at Jul 17, 2006 6:39 AM by Rudradeb ]

19. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

I agree. I'm also a member of all 3, and whilst i understand whilst freeloaders works the way it does, I prefer to know a least a bit about the people I may be considering staying with/letting into my house. Especially when there are a number of peopl ein teh same area who are possibilities. HC is bigger, and I have used it a few times in places where CS has no (or few) members, and it has worked well, but i just don't like the feel/look as much as CS, whilst it also (and i know this will sound strange, but it is a personal view) seems alot more like an almost semi closed cult - and dating agency in places - than CS.

20. Posted by holybinch (Budding Member 35 posts) 10y

Long live CS !

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