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Isa & Beerman & references to the Pope!!!

Travel Forums Off Topic Isa & Beerman & references to the Pope!!!

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171. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

Fantastic Idea,
at least there will be loads happening on that weekend.
Hols booked and passed, roll on next month

172. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

Ok, just a little question:


Is it safe to book tickets/rooms? or have we decided to move it to somewhere sunny?

173. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 10y

its safe to book tickets and rooms !!! the sooner the better to be honest, if rooms are that hard to come by then it would be madness to leave it till the last minute

174. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

Cool, will do it tmrw morning, so 24hrs to confirm times/dates/places

175. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 10y

Jase where have you found hotel?

176. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

I haven't yet, tried these guys: and they come up with the Castle Hotel in Great Denmark Street Dublin 1.

177. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

Did the decision get made that we will be central in Dublin?

I.e. if i arrange to stay in the centre, am i then utterly fecked when you all decide to actually go drinking an hour or so outside the city, with only taxi's or walking/stumbling to get back?

178. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 10y

On Tuesday, Beerman and I discussed, with Phil, possibly moving the meet-up to Belfast. We also talked with Neal (Tina's boyfriend) since he lives there. Nothing concrete was decided - which actually isn't a bad thing.

Since that time, some personal things (not having to do with our trip) have been thrown at us which require our (almost) full attention for the next few weeks. Our plans have not and will not change. We will be in Ireland! But, we also will not be able to participate in the planning of the meet-up as fully as we had anticipated.

So, with that said... Please, please continue making plans for a TP flocking. It doesn't matter to us where it will take place, we'll be there. Choose the weekend, pick the city, book the rooms and let's get this show on the road (or in the pub)!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Phil, we'll work out our "Tour de Force" together around the decisions all of you make. We're flexible and can traverse the Emerald Isle before or after the flocking.

The "personal things" are not health nor relationship related. Just some outside forces that didn't think our lives were exciting enough. Such is the way of the world and it wouldn't be an Isas vacation without some unexpected shite popping up at some point. We're used to it... ;)

179. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 10y

If nothing is decided cool - l think Jase was booking hotels/flights which will make things more concrete for him... To give people who are booking hotels/flights etc etc we do need to be firm about dates and place as soon as so that they can get themselves organised.

The Ryder Cup is causing havoc with hotel bookings etc over the decided weekend the only other weekend is the one in which the Isas will head home.

So either we do this mid week or we stick with what we have choosen being the 23/24 Sept. Which l think is the only option.

We need to decide location (of course for me Belfast would be great as l live here!!!) but everyone else needs to give their opinion and then Phil (our leader!!) makes a decision!

So do we stick with Dublin on our given dates or move the meet to somewhere else in Ireland??

180. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

I haven't booked anything yet, i'm away in sweatyland until monday night for work, so won't be able to do anything until tuesday.
So if you do decide something let me know.
I don't mind where, as long as their is a beer or two and a good time