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should i carry my skis to south america

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean should i carry my skis to south america

1. Posted by TylerJames (Respected Member 333 posts) 10y

so i leave thurs (july 6) for peru i plan on doing alot of skiing down in chile and argentina. but i am still debating weither or not i should bring my skis with me or would it be better to rent them down their.

i am thinking of bringing a pair of 156s so they wouldent be that heavy and i could strap em to my backpack. i also was thinking the money i save by not renting i could use to send them back home at the end of the season.

has anyone done this before and have any tips on what i should do?

2. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 10y

You're crazy :-)

The (big) risk of your equipment getting seriously damaged during transport outweighs the cost of locally renting subsitutes, I'd say.


3. Posted by TylerJames (Respected Member 333 posts) 10y

kind of answered my own question i found a site that listed info on rentals i'll post some just in case others were wondering

im def taking my own gear at these prices, if i plan just to ski one week its about $200

Adult Performance per day US $41
Adult Standard per day US $31
Child Standard per day US $25

Skis complete USD one day 20 5 days $80

more info at



4. Posted by john7buck (Respected Member 458 posts) 10y


There are a few questions that I think need answering here. Are you planning on spending a season living, working and skiing in one place? If the answer is yes, I'd bring my own skis down. But that's just me, it's probably the only thing I'm extremely picky about. On the other hand, if you are going to be moving around a lot, a la backpacking around South America, I can think of nothing I would rather not do more than lug skis, boots, etc. with me.

Trust me, I shipped my skis down to NZ, but travelled through the South Pacific with my boot bag and all the equipment, and it rather sucked. If you have a pair of skis, even if they are your rock skis, that you wouldn't mind parting with, you could always bring them and then sell or give them away down there.

Maybe bring the skis and rent the boots?

I guess I don't have much of an answer for you, but just noticed you are leaving tomorrow, so you have probably already made a decision.

Best of luck and have fun!

5. Posted by TylerJames (Respected Member 333 posts) 10y

good advice the night before i left for peru i had a ll my gear straped to my backpack. as soon as i tried to put my backpack on i knew it was a bad i dea to try and bring them with me to south america. i guess i will just end up renting or buying a ch eap pair of skis somewhere in argentina.