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anyone want a week of fun in august! holiday time is here!

Travel Forums Travel Companions anyone want a week of fun in august! holiday time is here!

1. Posted by gill_dream (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

Hello Everyone....I'm gill 23....and im dying to go away for a week holiday somewhere. I havent had the chance financially to travel much but im hoping to have enough money for a week holiday in mid august. I would like to go to one of the greek they are so beautiful.I have many friends thati enjoy going on holiday with but they are in a relationship and have already committed themselves to a holiday. I would love to get a few peolpe boys and girls together for a fun....week away...where we can enjoy the sun,sea and sangria! I'm very easy going....up fpr a to go fun....and relax and get to know peolpe. I'm a reliable person so if this went ahead i would very much commit myself to it. I'd like to go with some peolpe around my age who have simular sort of holiday in mind. Just want to get away and have a great week somewhere. I'm open to where to go...just want somewhere quite fun and livley as ive never really tried that before. I like to go out and im a sociable person but im not crazy dont worry. I'm just your average single 23 year old who looking to make the best of a weeks holiday. Come on guys...lets get something planned...sure there are some of you out there. I dont have much money but we can start to look. I'm on msn if any of you want to chat about this?

Gill xxx

2. Posted by gill_dream (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

Really hope there are some of you out there that fancy this! i reakon a week away somewhere nice...wont cost much and there some great last minute deals. Would be loads of fun!!!

gill xx

3. Posted by vodkababy (Budding Member 28 posts) 10y

Hey gill, i think ur plan sounds great! im 22 f and from ireland but im in canada at the min until august! over ere on work exp. but the nightlife is great! have ya found any1 to go wit ya? if i wasn't ere id def go! im thinkin of maybe goin away to spain r somewhere for xmas and new year tho! dat would b mad

4. Posted by gill_dream (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

hey vodkababy....
Thanks for your reply. Sounds like we have a lot in common. Wow your so lucky being in canada its one of the places i have dreamed of ive nevr been but i have heard so many great things. So your irish! what part you form? I've been to cork but thats it. Loved it all...the accent so cute...and the peolpe are some of the friendlest ive ever met. Had a great time while i was there.Could be a plan what you have in mind for xmas! how fun!
Hope you had a great weekend and hope to talk to you again soon. Have great time out there and have a drink on me! lol

Love gill x

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5. Posted by vodkababy (Budding Member 28 posts) 10y

Yeh im from Cavan. ever hearda it? yeh canada is great i love it! the people round ere r luvly too but the funniest thing is how every1 adores d accent, even tho hafta repeat everything 10 times lol! yeh its a cool plan for xmas alright innit! im either guna do dat for xmas r stay in ireland n keep workin to save n go Oz, not sure yet wots guna happen! have ya found ne1 ta go hols this summer wit ya? r ya workin r in college? yeh i had a maddd wknd, can hardly walk now tho with pain from my antics sat nite (jumpin off bridge drunk lol) hafta go finish gettin ready for work! chat ya soon! :)