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1. Posted by TylerJames (Respected Member 333 posts) 10y

i came to cusco this morning. i have heard of a cheap way to see machu pichu, involvin taking a bus to a town about 20 mins from cusco then hiking along the railroad tracks and crossing a river into a bus upto a power plant then a hr or so hike to machu pichu.

can anyone give more info about this. im kinda leaning to this rout just to save some money. tickets to machu pichu are 100 dollars and if i had to do that i would rather spend another 200 on a trek.

any info would be helpfull

cheers tyler

2. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 10y

here's the thread. You might have looked for it yourself, it's only two pages away...

have fun getting there,

3. Posted by TylerJames (Respected Member 333 posts) 10y

yeahhh i should have

thanks anyway