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New years eve

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21. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru, 4567 posts) 5 Dec '06 01:58

I will be at home, here in Munich Germany.
Here is good, because there will be lots of fireworks, as there are every year.
If i was to choose a better place to be, on new years eve, it would be Berlin. For the cool night life.


22. Posted by jindy (Budding Member, 46 posts) 5 Dec '06 02:47

PRAGUE!! its gonna be huge :)

23. Posted by mim (Travel Guru, 1276 posts) 5 Dec '06 05:12

I'm goin to be here in Manchester or at home in Cambridge (UK) for new years, its a toss up btw friends and boyf seeing as the boyfriend is relatively new think he's probably going to win

I think I would rather be in the carribean or somewhere equally hot and beachey

24. Posted by jey (Budding Member, 5 posts) 6 Dec '06 12:44

I'm going to be in The canaries...Lanzarote for New Year, fly out on the 28th December.

25. Posted by My Horizon (Budding Member, 429 posts) 9 Dec '06 00:01

I am hopefully going to be going up Table Mountain via cable car and watch the sunset and later the fireworks. ;) I've started organising with friends...

26. Posted by patience (Full Member, 118 posts) 9 Dec '06 11:59

Im going to be in LA$ VEGA$ BABY!!! cant wait.

27. Posted by zachary (Respected Member, 471 posts) 9 Dec '06 13:43

I am going to be in Angeles City, Philippines partying hardcore ;)

28. Posted by draggons (Full Member, 113 posts) 10 Dec '06 02:30

Singapore, beach party.

29. Posted by kevstump (Full Member, 123 posts) 13 Dec '06 20:02

Im gonna be in sydney, it is gonna go off!!! Shame i am going to be working then isnt it! Bollocks

30. Posted by Leo_arg (Inactive, 54 posts) 14 Dec '06 06:08

I am going to be in Colombia, probably in Cartagena.
Last New Year´s Eve, I was in Tilcara, Argentina and in 2005 I was in Cusco, Perú. Both were great!