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Ok here goes again (OZ jan 2007)

Travel Forums Travel Companions Ok here goes again (OZ jan 2007)

1. Posted by lynnmc (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

Guys sorry about previous post forgot about no email policy.

Right so I'm Lynn 26 and from Dublin Ireland. Im a bit of a party girl but like to take it easy and go with the flow too.
Im looking for people to meet up with and share the experience as traveling so far alone is starting to worry me a little.

Would be great to meet like minded people and have a blast together and share the experience.

please get in touch if you're interested,
Lynn ;o)

2. Posted by RobMc (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y

Well there, oz is a big place so you may get some better response if you give a better idea of which bit you're going to be in!!

Wherever you go you'll meet people so easy from all over - stay in hostels and there wont be a problem! Im off to melbourne in 6 weeks, and will be around sydney for xmas / new year and prob a few months after as will need to get some money together before heading North.

p.s. was in dublin a few weeks ago and it was mint!


3. Posted by lynnmc (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

cheers Rob,

Well I'm planning on flying into Sydney around the 1st week of Jan. stay there a month or 2 and work my way up north and eventually head over to Perth on the west coast for some exploring. Im really trying not to plan too much and just see what happens but initally Sindney will be the starting point.

Perhaps we could meet for a pint when I get over if you're interested and still about.

Chuffed you like Dublin. Im over in london in a few months myself!
keep in touch,

4. Posted by RobMc (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y

yeah wicked, you know us Geordies, always up for a pint!

Best way to go exploring, have a rough idea of which direction you want to go in at some point and just see what happens, thats the fun of it all, not having any set plans and doing as you like!

cool keep in touch, i havnt been to sydney before so i'll let you know what its like when over there, its great looking at pictures and hearing other people's views but nothing like seeing things for yourself!

see you later