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What decent backpacks are around at the moment?

Travel Forums Travel Gear What decent backpacks are around at the moment?

1. Posted by claireh (Respected Member 318 posts) 10y

I'm travelling SE Asia for 8 months from Sept and have no idea which brands/backsacks are good/not . Looking at other threads, I expect I will be looking at 50-60l. Will need to have some waterproofing as travelling a bit in rainy season. I also want it to be secure and easy to lock. Will not be doing any major trekking but travelling mostly overground, so it will be lugged around a fair bit. Any ideas?

2. Posted by dannyboy7 (Full Member 167 posts) 10y

There's loads of good makes out there,mine's a vango 55L but it's best to get one that suits you,try a few on aswell especially if your doing loads of trekking coz your gonna be carrying it around for long for security make sure you can lock your zips with padlocks and get yourself a lockable cable so you can lock it to something if you need to leave it for the wet weather,you can buy rain covers that fit around most packs......
good luck

3. Posted by Sliver24 (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

One piece of advice I gleaned from somewhere on the Net has served me well: Buy a back that you can lie flat and unzip all the way down to the bottom. Halfway unpacking your bag is a major pain in the butt if you find yourself needing some random piece of equipment or a document that's buried at the bottom of your bag and you're late for a train. Also, I used a pack that could zip up into a suitcase, which means you don't have to worry about straps getting caught on a turnstyle and ripped off when you're travelling by plane. My pack also came with a zip-on day pack, but I never zipped it onto the main pack. First of all, it was near impossible to do when the main pack was crammed with stuff. Also, I found that putting it on backwards (on my chest) helped offset the weight of the main pack when I was carrying it around. Here's a link to what I used (and loved):

4. Posted by claireh (Respected Member 318 posts) 10y

Thanks guys! Will take the advice on board! C