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bangkok weather?????

Travel Forums Asia bangkok weather?????

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11. Posted by paul j (Respected Member 217 posts) 10y

Quoting buzzard

In March it is hot, hot, and hotter! But not as hot as it will be in April.

Thats ok i`ll be there in april aswell

12. Posted by frosty (Full Member 107 posts) 10y

[quote=andyccfc]yes but i think what everyone wants to know is can you get a tan during these months?! sept - dec

You do not have to be at the beach to get a tan (or a sunburn!)

If you are in Chiangmai or Bangkok and you find a sunny spot and just lay down you will get a tan or burn! Thailand is warm all year long!

I like the rainy season because there are fewer tourists about and the hotels are on "low season" pricing.

The few hours a day that it rains is a welcome break. Take in a bar, go to a cheap movie, go shopping in a mall. A little bit of rain is no big problem!


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