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Companion for Europe Trip - detailed itinerary

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1. Posted by nikkij (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y

Dear all,

I have been to Europe before on a Contiki tour and absolutely loved it. Since I got back I have been suffering withdrawl symptoms big time, so I have planned another trip together. I don't have any exact timing set but I do not want to do aother tour. I have worked out exactly how many days I want to spend in each city, how to travel from place to place, costs, and times (trains, planes, buses, car hire etc). I have put alot of planning into it - I really wanted to take my mum but she can't leave my younger sister. I am pretty much following the same route as the Contiki tour but will have greater flexibility. I have an excel attachment if anyone is interested in joining me. As I said, I am very flexible with dates, but would prefer to go when it is warm - can't imagine going to Europe during winter. Sept/Oct was perfect last time I went.

Nicole :)

2. Posted by webhillwal (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

I am planning a trip to Europe in October of 2007. I will be staying near Strasbourg, France for 1 week as I have relatives in Kilstett, France and will need to be there for about a week. Other than that my Europian trip is unscheduled. I have been looking into lodgeing in monesteries and private homes and low cost lodgeing. Could use any advice on how to travel economically...Becky[b

3. Posted by AussieGirl (Budding Member 21 posts) 10y


wow you have done your planning. Im heading over to europe in dec and was wondering if i could have a look at ur excel file?

thank anyways,