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Revisit same place or go new?

Travel Forums General Talk Revisit same place or go new?

1. Posted by HereICome (Full Member 67 posts) 10y

I'm a person that loves adventure, learning about other cultures, experiencing nature etc etc- like many of you out there in TP land! I've been to East Africa, UK, a little of Europe, Canada, USA, Thailand and most of Australia.
Here is my dilemma: This year I spent 8 weeks in Peru and a little of Bolivia and had the time of my life, the best!
Now Im looking into where I want to go next year and there are heaps of places that interest me like Mongolia, Borneo, India, Spain, Turkey and Egypt. BUT there was so much I missed in South America, especially in Bolivia that I regret not getting to.
I learnt basic Spanish while I was there and am able to talk in general with people on the street so I also feel that I should go somewhere to put this to further use and also improve on it.
I really loved Peru and Bolivia and wish I'd seen and done more while I was there. Its also expensive to fly there from Oz. So I'm wondering if I should just cross it off my list as Been There, Done That and go somewhere completely different.
WHat do you all think about returning to the same place when there are SO many places on this amazing planet to try to get to???

2. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 10y

That's always a tough question for me too. I've chosen to take 3 trips to Thailand instead of going somewhere new, and I can't wait to get back to India sometime, maybe even before I make it to Africa for the first time which has always been at the top of my list. But if a place is calling you, then go back.
Might I suggest that instead of doing just another trip down to South America, which might just feel like the same old thing, try doing something new to get more involved. Maybe try volunteering, or taking some classes to improve on your spanish. That way, even though its the same desination, it will be a whole new experince.

3. Posted by pumpkin (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

I was just having this conversation with my boyfriend yesterday! We decided your better off going somewhere new. I think sometimes when an experience is so perfect a second glance can make you forget the first feeling. I say this but there are plenty of places I have visited more than once and I have never had any regrets. I do think though, looking at your wish list that you should really consider turkey, egypt or spain. Or all of them!! Ive never met a person who hasnt loved turkey! and you can really spend a lot of time there and then catch a ferry to some of the greek islands. Then again you could visit spain and practice your spanish ready for a future south american trip. If you do head back to south america, i agree with maybe some volunteering or definately a spanish course.

4. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5596 posts) 10y

Think about the fact that there is so much to see, so many countries, cities and places and therefore go somewhere new. If you have seen everything you initially wanted, then go back to some countries, but never do exactly the same thing when you are there...visit other cities or parts of countries, rent a car instead of using public transport. Just an idea....

5. Posted by HereICome (Full Member 67 posts) 10y

Thanks guys. I wasnt thinking of doing exactly the same thing but rather, seeing the places i missed in Peru and Bolivia last time.
I did Spanish school and art lessons last time there too. I would probably do more spanish if i returned but at a different location.
What Im thinking tho is that now that I have tasted the culture, language, people, sights etc and got the whole vibe of these countries, is it a waste to return, even tho i would be seeing different things?
Or should I go somewhere completely different and get a whole new experience???

6. Posted by miromar (Respected Member 175 posts) 10y

I think you should go somewhere new. And even if you wanna come back to southamerica, there are so many more places to go! Why not try argentina, chile??? What about somewhere in central america? I believe there are so many places to visit that if you have the chance, you should try them all!!

What if the next place you go is even better than the place you've just left?

x x Miromar x x

7. Posted by pumpkin (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

"What Im thinking tho is that now that I have tasted the culture, language, people, sights etc and got the whole vibe of these countries, is it a waste to return, even tho i would be seeing different things?"
I think you should go somewhere new, this time, return to the countries you love in maybe 10 years and see the things you missed and feel how the culture has developed and how vibe has changed and talk to the locals about what has gone on in the years since you were there last. I really recommend turkey and getting to egypt before everything turns to dust....

8. Posted by wotthefiqh (Inactive 1447 posts) 10y

Try Myanmar for example, and Vietnam is so so good.

El Legendado

9. Posted by HereICome (Full Member 67 posts) 10y

Thanks guys! I think youve talked me into Turkey! And yes, Myanmar is definitely on the list too, and closer!
Feeling a bit negative about Turkey with the problems in that direction at the moment... any clues on that? DFAT recommends not going to certain parts... Im feeling the world is closing over in such a big way with all these terrorists and wars!