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Dec-Jan weather in Nort India

Travel Forums Asia Dec-Jan weather in Nort India

1. Posted by Sigge (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

Sigge has indicated that this thread is about India

Have anyone been in the north west (Dharamsala, Shimla, Amritsar) and north east (Darjeeling) India in Dec-Jan? My itinerary is open for visiting Dharamsala, Shimla, Amritsar in Dec and Darjeeling in Jan. How is the weather like in the winter and would you recommend going there during that time?


2. Posted by traveler1 (Full Member 190 posts) 10y

weather will range from cool to cold

shimla it can range from a little below zero/zero to 10 deg C

while amritsar would b 5-10

north india is usually cool/cold during that time as compared to the other parts of india

3. Posted by traveler1 (Full Member 190 posts) 10y

well i just saw you from sweden . . so this would be quite normal for you . .

4. Posted by Sigge (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

Thanks for the info:),
Well, when trying to escape the harsh winter in Sweden, I would rather not wanna go to India and be freezing cold.....Do tourists still go there in the cold season, and is it worth going there despite chilly (snowy?) weather? Should one expect delays in communications, less frequent departures etc?
Thinking about maybe doing the very North parts of India on another trip....

5. Posted by traveler1 (Full Member 190 posts) 10y

hey again . . tourists do visit during that time too . . as it is the holiday season for many . . desoite it being a little chilly.. however, its not that bad that things come to a standstill during winters...unless there's been a storm...which is a rarity in those areas.
As you go Up north of india. . the climate tends to get colder.

Have you been to india before?
there;s lots to see on the western/central & southern parts...eastern is good too...but a lil unstable.

Is ther anything specific you have in mind for your india travel, could accordingly suggest.


6. Posted by silvercann (Budding Member 38 posts) 10y

Cold is relative. I'm went down to India while living in Austria. In September, while the locals found that is was 'cool', it was very warm for myself and my travel companions and the fan in the hotel room made for some sticky nights ...we were in Delhi and north of Delhi. Remember, warm weather for them is hot, humid, steamy. Cold there would be like a perfect late summer/early Autumn day in Sweden

7. Posted by traveler1 (Full Member 190 posts) 10y

true silver . . cold is very relative in there a diff climate conditions in various zones (north,south etc)
But the place Sigge wants to see are hilly regions and is truly cold, a 5degC would be same everywhere.
For me in mumbai the Norwegian summer of 14deg C was Cold too . . so ur quite right