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going to france for a 1 month trail stay...

Travel Forums General Talk going to france for a 1 month trail stay...

1. Posted by rezanaghib (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

in mid september i will be going to france. i'm 23 and am just dreaming of taking fotos all day and just parking at café's to edit fotos on a notebook and this is what has lead me to this decision.

anyhow, i dno the first thing about travelling, letalone travelling all by my lonesome. the last time i left the continent was when i was 8, for 7 days with my full family. my uncle lives in nice, so he'd give me a place to stay, provisionally.

>>> so i need a lotta knowledge, i need to kno what i can do to prepare. this will be a one month term to see what i think, and then i come back to canada for a wedding and a shoot, after which point i will decide to go back for a longer term.

finding jobs >> how and how do i find ones that are ok w/ english speaking.. (i'm not fluent.)

finding schooling >> i wna study art in france at some point in my life and i need to kno the first thing about preparing for it.

thanks in advance for the knowledge.


2. Posted by rezanaghib (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y


3. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 10y

Hey, have patience! No need to bump threads here unless they are on page 10 or so.

A good way to get you started on travelling on your own is to grab a guide book for independent travel like Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, etc and to read it from cover to back. Study it, take notes, highlight text, bookmark pages with color tags. There are some great tips in it, especially if you are a first time traveller.

If you want a job, you'll need to get a work permit for France. Best way to do this is to apply for a student visa at the French embassy in Canada. A student visa will allow you to work a certain number of hours to finance part of your studies. You'll need to attend university for this, so best start looking for a French university where you can study what you want. Use google, find their adresses and write an email to these universities to find out their requirements. Also check with your uncle whether he would let you stay for longer, say 4-5 years while you study at uni. It would save you the money for your own apartment.

4. Posted by rezanaghib (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

thanks for the reply! i'll have to head to the bookstore tomorrow then. i'm figuring i'd wanna go to school there, so that might be something i'll have to talk to the uncle about. i guess my next step would be to see what things come along w/ a student visa.