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Dressing up in sydney??

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Dressing up in sydney??

1. Posted by hollyblond (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y


Was just wondering on what the dress code is for going out in Sydney and even Coogee???..

Bit of a bizarre question i know but im going out for a year in October and am staying with 3 friends (male) in Coogee!!
Now being a typical girly girl that loves her heals and dresses i was just wondering what the dress code is for going out?
Alot of the aussie girls ive met from that area are all farely casual (no offence meant by that) whereas im a real girlie.. ha ha

I just dont wanna feel out of place when i go out in Coogee and then Sydney on my first weekend with the boys telling me i look "great" all dressed up and end up looking really over dressed!!!

Silly question sorry but im a girl so i worry.. ha ha

Thanks guys


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3. Posted by AussieGirl (Budding Member 21 posts) 10y


i wont get too dressed up for coogee.Most girls were jeans an nice top. Thats really the key to sydney. If your a girl and you were jeans (like nice going out jeans if that makes sence), a pretty top, and shoes that arent rubber soles you can go anywhere an get into anywhere.

If your going into the CBD feel free to get dressed up more if you like. Though dont feel pressured to.

For guys on the other hand,they will need a good pair of dress shoes and a shirt with some kind of colar to get into most clubs in the city.

have fun

4. Posted by hollyblond (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

Hey thanks for that...

Was kinda thinking smart jeans and top for my first venture to be on the safe side!!

Thanks babe x x