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What do you do when your are bored??

Travel Forums Off Topic What do you do when your are bored??


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31. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru 5077 posts) 10y

Yeah me too

32. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

Goto the pub

33. Posted by aleah (Full Member 400 posts) 10y

that sounds like a good idea...just came back from the pub...and I'm not bored anymore...just lightheaded...

34. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 10y

Watch a football game... or whatever's on TV.

35. Posted by wotthefiqh (Inactive 1447 posts) 10y

Reread a chapter of Shelby Foote's trilogy 'The Civil War', probably the most engrossing American history I have ever read.
He was interviewed in the documentary made by Ken Burns and his voice was pure molasses.
One of my favourite authors.

36. Posted by Jennifer G (Budding Member 725 posts) 10y

shopping for sure.....