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Travel Forums Introductions hello , hello!

1. Posted by raincoat (Budding Member 14 posts) 12y

i only just stumbled over this introduction forum after a week or so on the site. i can't believe how helpful its been!

a little bit about a 22 year old gal from melbourne, australia who is yet to do any overseas travel. its been my absolute dream to go to europe since i was 16 but haven't had the chance due mainly to school and uni commitments. well, i finish my course in dec 2004 and off i go! england, italy, holland, france, germany, prague and switzerland await me. im only going for 10 weeks, but im sure ill be itching to return.

i hope to get to know some of you
bye for now

2. Posted by kelster (Full Member 51 posts) 12y

Hi Kylie!

I'm sure you'll have a fab time in Europe
I'm going to Melbourne on my round the world trip in July. Can't wait!

Kel xx

3. Posted by raincoat (Budding Member 14 posts) 12y

hi kel,

let me know if you need any suggestions for melbourne. i don't know alot about hostels here, but sights to see, clubs/pubs to visit, etc i can help with. also transport.


4. Posted by kelster (Full Member 51 posts) 12y


We are there for about 5 days I think - would've liked longer but hey! Anything you can suggest would be good & I think we have sorted out somewhere to stay.
I'm a bit rubbish really but any questions on England you can ask me, I shall try if you let me know what kind of things you like to visit...

5. Posted by kelster (Full Member 51 posts) 12y

Oh by the way - Prague is nice to see but I would suggest getting out into the czech republic - it's a really nice country, although not many english speakers but you can get by. We got a train pass & just drifted along. Cheap beer too if you're into that kind of thing.

6. Posted by raincoat (Budding Member 14 posts) 12y

hey again kel,

hmm...things to do in melb..its hard to think of things in your own city! i would suggest checking out brunswick st, which i guess is kinda the centre for youth culture in melbourne - cafes, clothing stores, bars and people watching galore. chapel st is the designer clothing strip. probably won't have time in five days, but a trip to the dandynong mountains is beautiful - i used to live not too far from them. and of course the queen vic market in the city. in terms of pubs/clubs...theres heaps! you could check out local street mags like 'beat' or 'inpress' or let me know the kinda music you like and if its similar to me, i can help you out! theres some great live music venues in melb - pony, rob roy and ding dong are but a few.


7. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4136 posts) 12y

Kylie - I hope you have an absolute blast of a trip. Oversease travel, especially your first time, is pure magic.

Just go with an open mind, savour everyday, and don't expect other places to be like home. I know this last comment seems obvious, but a lot of people do the comparison thing (oh, it's so expensive / dirty / crowded / hot / cold / whatever.) Just enjoy