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1. Posted by james932 (Budding Member 28 posts) 10y

hi im planing traveling oz starting in november for a year anyone gonna be there same time wanna hook up or talk plans?

2. Posted by Angiem (Budding Member 5 posts) 10y

Hey there

I'm flying out to Sydney on 17th Nov for a year. Planning to stick around in Sydney for about 6 months then taking it from there. Wanting to see the East Coast mostly.

I'm going with ozintro to begin - then after that I have no definite arrangements. We'll see when I get there.


3. Posted by james932 (Budding Member 28 posts) 10y

hi angela im thinking of sticking around sydney for a while not sure how long depends on work and if i can find somewhere to house share thats not too cheap. where you flying from and you planning on working out there if so what you plannin?

4. Posted by jenko2 (Full Member 123 posts) 10y

hi i arrive in sydney on the 23rd of nov planning on being in sydney til at least the new year

5. Posted by pauln (Budding Member 13 posts) 10y

hiya im doing a rtw and am arriving in sydney 25th october... little earlier than you guys... i should have found a good hostel by then. and more importantly a good pub....

6. Posted by james932 (Budding Member 28 posts) 10y

hey well you will need to keep us posted on thatn so we know where to go when we arrive maybe catch you out there.

7. Posted by Angiem (Budding Member 5 posts) 10y

Hey there

Good pub is always high on the agenda!!:)

8. Posted by james932 (Budding Member 28 posts) 10y

my thoughts exactly, can you smoke in the pubs in oz? not long to go now:twisted;)

9. Posted by herront (Budding Member 45 posts) 10y

most pubs dont let you smoke inside or sometimes even within a certain distance of the front door, but alot of places have designated smokign areas (normally outside) but some places allow u 2 smoke in certain areas of the pubs/bars

10. Posted by chez2oz (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

I'm off on October 14th. Worried and excited all at the same time. Also going with Ozintro - so (Angiem)if you want an idea of what to expect before you go...

I've only sorted that weeks accomodation - figured I'd just see what happens after but if there is anyone that's going around the same time and wants to meet up that would be great. A bit worried about going on my own and not having any plans sorted. All I know is that I want to say in sydney for a few months.... What i'm gonna do for the rest of the year I have no idea!!:)