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If you had one month in Asia, where would you go?

Travel Forums Asia If you had one month in Asia, where would you go?

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1. Posted by aarantes (Respected Member 165 posts) 10y

I know there's lots of places to see and things to do. But if you had only one month for now, what places in Asia would you go?

2. Posted by emma1979 (Full Member 126 posts) 10y


3. Posted by nattybabe (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

It all depends on whether you want to see a lot of a single country or some of a few countries. It is possible to see Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in that time (easier with a tour group) but personally I would see Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia as my priorities.

4. Posted by naiheqiao (Budding Member 42 posts) 10y

don't try your best to try as many places as possible,just take your time in one or two countries,actually one month isn't even enough for only one country.even that you stay in one country you still can't experience many places.
as to your destination,i couldn't give advice.cos i just know china,i can't give your better advice.

5. Posted by China2006 (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

It all depends, the kind of travel you preferred, the weather, your starting time, and the time you afford, well, many factors.
;)For me, I only know China, and for China, for my interest, I prefer travel with the natural landscape or culture travel, What's more, I am interested in different folk customs.
Last year, I visited Guilin in Guangxi province and had an intimate contact with some minority people, that's wonderful.
As i am in hurry, so i just planned a second visit to Guilin.
Maybe we can be the travel companion.

6. Posted by vngreen (Full Member 71 posts) 10y

Go to Vietnam and Thailand, Visit Bangkok, Ko samui and from Bangkok take flight to Hanoi(Vietnam), go to the Sapa, Halong and down to Centre(Hue, Hoi An), go to the Southern of vietnam. I think you'll have a wonderful trip!

7. Posted by holybinch (Budding Member 35 posts) 10y

What are you looking for in your travel ?
Leisure/Beach ?
Diving ?
Sightseeing ?
More interested in cities or countryside ?
Do you want to see one country or many ?

Plenty of questions to help us help you

8. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 10y

All of Asia is fascinating.
Right now, if i was going to travel alone, or with another adult, i would choose India. This is because i have not been there, for so long. A visit to India changes a person forever. Takes your mind appart and puts it back in a different way(hope that makes sense. If it doesnt, it probably will, after a visit to India.).
I would also be interested in a visit to Burma. However, i am not sure i feel it is the right thing to do. Because of the people of Burma wanting foreigners to boycott their millitary dictatorship government and prevent them from making money from tourism. But it sure would be an amazing place to visit. If things change politically, i will definately visit.

9. Posted by chorpet (Inactive 110 posts) 10y

Depends on your interest....

If I were a foreigner, I would start my trip with Bangkok First. Spend few days to visit Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple and head to Khao Sok and head to krabi for some adventure like rock climbing, kayaking and go to Samui for few days..lazy day on the beach, diving in koh tao, full moon party...good idea,right?

then fly from samui to cambodia to visit Angkor wat and from cambodia to vietnam...

it's just my idea.

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10. Posted by aarantes (Respected Member 165 posts) 10y

Thank you, guys. It really is a lot to see and I know I couldn't see that much in one month. The thing I like most is nature and animals.I'd love to go to Burma, but I also think it's not the best time. I'm starting to plan this trip. It is still just a dream, but if I have more doubts I'll ask you.

Thanks again,