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Why are xmas and new year quiet in Buenos Aires???

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Why are xmas and new year quiet in Buenos Aires???

1. Posted by VinegarBit (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y


I was really looking forward to spending xmas and new year in BA as part of a 4 month trek around SA, me and my mates are into the club scene in London and thought there would be some wicked clubs with some dirty beats out there!!

But i keep reading that everything shuts up shop around this time, whats this all about? does everyone go somewhere else? And how quiet are we talking about?

Also what would be the best alternatives for someone into electronic/House music?

Thanks in advance for any replies


2. Posted by MilyP (Budding Member 26 posts) 10y

Yeah my thoughts exactly!! I had heard all about Buenos Aires being a big time party place and thought where better to go for xmas and new year. Then I read in various places that this wasn't a good idea! Gutted! Fair enough xmas is a family thing, and is most places in the world. But new years?! From what i have heard basically everyone buggers off for their holidays and leaves the city.

But does anyone know of any big parties going on? Or is it too early? Please keep me posted as I am all set to change my flights if I find out I am wrong.

3. Posted by Shroom (Inactive 29 posts) 10y

So Buenos Aires is calm under xmas and new years? My God, I have to change my route also! Damn it. I was looking forward to staying there from December 24th and forward.. Ok, then. But what about other places in Argentina or Chile? Is it more party in, for example, Mendoza or Valparaiso?

4. Posted by MilyP (Budding Member 26 posts) 10y

Is there anyone else out there planning on spending Xmas and New Year in Buenos Aires? Xmas might be quiet but there must be some big club nights on for new years surely. why don't we all group together? That way between us we can find a party for new years and we can celebrate xmas together. I'll even cook xmas dinner if you like!!

5. Posted by VinegarBit (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

Im sure ive seen a Time Out guide to Buenos Aires in Waterstones or some bookshop, its probably worth getting hold of to see whats going on.

It may be that its quiet unless you know where to look.......

6. Posted by VinegarBit (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

Just found this old thread:

It seems its all down to taste, everyones opinions differ on BA. From what i gather the day time and early evening are quiet, but there are big parties at night, which when you think of it is the same anywhere cus everyones preparing for the big night.

I think im gonna risk it, im going with 6 mates so im sure we'll find the party or maybe just start our own!!