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Car hire prices?

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1. Posted by sumospim (Inactive 2 posts) 12y

sumospim has indicated that this thread is about Greece

Hi all,
Going to Kefalonia in a month and looking for some car hire for a two week stay.
Prices i have found have tended to be expensive...has anybody out there got any decent hire companies (on the web or otherwise) with some cheap prices?!

Any help greatly appreciated,



2. Posted by nicnac (Full Member 69 posts) 12y

Hi Simon,

I think you will find it cheaper to just rent a car locally when you get to Greece.

They have loads of local companies and lots of cars called "mini mokes" which are like jeeps. Not sure of any prices for you.
Try checking the tourist office or who you booked your flights with might help.


3. Posted by sumospim (Inactive 2 posts) 12y

Thanks Nicola....I've got a price of £220 for two weeks for a budget you think may be able to get cheaper for mini-moke?

4. Posted by nicnac (Full Member 69 posts) 12y

HI Simon,
That sounds quite a good price per week. I think you might get a little cheaper locally.

Ive just remembered a company called Holiday autos who do cheapish cars for Greece or Suncars might help.

If not at least you know that budget are a good company, as sometimes the Greek cars can be a little bit rusty!

Hope that helps anyway and enjoy your holiday