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my american dream!!!!

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1. Posted by ukguy23 (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

heyhey people, im liam from the uk and im off on my travels next month around the world- woooo hoooooo!!

im starting off in america and ive got 3 months there and cannot wait to get started. i fly into new york....and thats about where my plan ends!! there is so much i wanna see and do when im there but dont know where to start, i was thinkin about goin around the north east first- boston way, and i really really wanna go to canada as everyone who has been there says its wicked.

if anyone has any tips,advice or just wants to say hi then get back to me!!!!! cheers

2. Posted by pranavc (Respected Member 316 posts) 10y

Here is a first stab at helping you plan your trip:

New York (5 days)
Philadelphia (2 days)
Washington DC (3 days)
Back to New York for a day or two
Boston (2 days)
Quebec City (2 days)
Montreal (3 days)
Toronto and the Niagara Falls (3 days)
Chicago (I haven't been here so I don't know how many days you should spend here)
Las Vegas (2-3 days)
San Francisco (4 days)
Los Angeles (2-3 days)
Fly to Miami
Miami, Everglades, The Keys (5 days)
Fly to New York

Some websites that might help you with your trip planning:

Hope this helps.


3. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 10y

Quoting pranavc

Chicago (I haven't been here so I don't know how many days you should spend here)

Though we do not live there any longer, we lived in Chicago for many years. I would recommend 3 days for a Chicago stop.

4. Posted by ukguy23 (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

hey guys thanks a lot for ur advice

yeah im thinkin the greyhound will be the best way to get around, if anyone has used greyhound let me know what you thought and if its a good service to use

cheers, liam

5. Posted by pranavc (Respected Member 316 posts) 10y

Restrict your Greyhound travel for the cities in the Northeast (Montreal, Boston, New York, Washington D.C.,Philadelphia). For coast-to-coast travel, look closely at for low fares. Get the free e-mail subscription to the newsletter close to your trip or to the time you are doing your bookings. I would recommend doing the following routes by flight:

a. Northeast/Toronto - Chicago
b. Chicago-Vancouver
c. Vancouver-Las Vegas
d. Los Angeles-Miami
e. Miami- Northeast

Another economical alternative to Greyhound in the northeast is the Chinatown Bus. It connects all cities with a Chinatown. It is actually cheaper than greyhound and offers the same standards of comfort. In google, run a search with the term "chinatown bus" and you should get what you need in terms of information.

Hope this helps.


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7. Posted by ChubbDub (Full Member 132 posts) 10y

For travel within Canada and major US cities, check out

If you book far enough in advance (probably a month or so) you can find some really good deals. And they are a pretty good airline, just bring your own food!

8. Posted by starrjones (Budding Member 17 posts) 10y

Have you thought about Colorado or Montana??? I know they aren't known for their bustling cities, but they have a lot to offer. They are both on my must see list. :)

I love San Francisco! The boat tours that take you under the bridge are more impressive then you'd think. Especially if you get on one of the smaller boats (less people). You can get a day tour to the John Muir Woods and see the red woods while you're there. (4 days sounds about right)

9. Posted by ukguy23 (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y

nice one guys, thanks a lot for the advice

cheers, liam

10. Posted by Ham Radio (Respected Member 284 posts) 10y

Grand Canyon, Arizona. It is awesome.