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Traveling to Helsinki, Finland - seeking information please

Travel Forums Europe Traveling to Helsinki, Finland - seeking information please


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11. Posted by vilmalotta (Respected Member 95 posts) 10y

Hi again,

If you're staying a week in Finland I would recommend staying in southern Finland, since travelling to Oulu and Lapland means two days of travelling (one there, one back...) unless you find cheap flights (it's possible to get a flight Helsinki-Oulu for 39 EUR).

If you want to look around, I'd recommend Porvoo, Turku and Tampere. They're all less than 2 hours away from Helsinki by train.

It seems (just looked up) that it's possible to get very desent hotel room for a price of 79 euros/night (which is around 100 USD) (a nice hotel) in December. I'll send you a link.

12. Posted by gonlaz (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y


How is this hotel?

13. Posted by vilmalotta (Respected Member 95 posts) 10y

Yes, it's a hotel in Helsinki center.

14. Posted by gonlaz (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

Just one more question, folks - How "busy" or crowded is it there in Helsinkin During Mid-December? Looks like I will be there from the 14th-21, I do not know how many people travel there during this month. Thanks again!

15. Posted by sunny1985 (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y

I think you really shouldn't worry about the crime sotuation - Finland is the most peaceful country in the world! well... almost. And i think Helsinki is completely safe in the night.
And if you are a student you can come to the raileway station and buy there for 6 euro special student card that give you nice discounts on buses, hostels and so on!!

16. Posted by gonlaz (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

Hi there Sunny :)

I certainly didn't mean to imply that Finaland was dngerous, I guess I just think it's best to ask these sorts of questions when traveling to a new place.

17. Posted by sunny1985 (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y

I know that you didn't mean it! ;) I just tried to assure you more about safetiness in finlad!
as for being busy... well, i never been there during the winter, but i really don't think that there should be a lot of people. We've been there in the most (as i think) touristic season - august and didn't find a big crowd of creazy tourists. We even find a place in hostel the day we arrived.. i just comparing to Paris and here you should book hotel or hostel like month in advance during the summer! So i think Finland shouldn't be buisier during the winter! I think during the winter most tourists going to the direction of LAplandy to see the Santa!

18. Posted by juho (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

i am heading to finland next week to hitchhike for a month...i am from the U.P. in michigan where all the finns settled...(i see you lived here before..) i would recomend the zetor tractor bar in helsinki...very unique bar!! personally i stay away from helsinki when i am in family lives in etela pohjanma in town of koskenkorva(were kinda like yoopers in that part of finland) so i prefer country towns... helsinki is a must see though if youve never been to finland...also estonia would be a great could see why the estionians call the finns there 4 legged friends!!haha.. of course you should try some koskenkova viina(like vodka) and salmiakki kossu..after a night at the bars you could try some makkara (grilled sausage)...or some tuna fish pizza...oh and you have to take a few saunas while in finland!!
have a great trip
where did you live in michigan?

19. Posted by gonlaz (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

Hi Juho,

Da UP, eh?

I lived in Iron Mountain, worked at WIMK and WMIQ AM/FM radio, now called "the bear" Ted Nugent bought it.

I also lived part time in Manistique/Gulliver. My ex-wif'es family live there - to me, it's paradise. I prefer the country type towns too. I will probably end up spending 2 days in Helsinki, maybe 3, and then trael to Estonia and other parts of Finland.

I used to drive through Norway, Mi. daily and also "the Planet" Vulcan, heh.

Thanks for the advice, anything else you can tell me about would be appreciated; thanks for writing!

20. Posted by Ravvy (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

Hei Tim,
I'd like to hear about your trip to Finland. I am of Finnish decent, grew up in Northern Minnesota, and we just took our first trip to Finland this past July. We spent two weeks in Pohjois Karjala region in a cabin outside Kontiolahti, and took day trips to Koli, Puijo Tower in Kuopio, Valamo monastery, and the castle in Savonlinna. Do you know any of the language? It is not a requirement as there are many english speakers in Finland, but knowing some Finnish really came in handy in a few situations. Good luck on your trip, and let me know about how it goes!