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1. Posted by booboojan (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y

Hi ya!

has anyone been to Mauritius ?? ;) would like to know ur experience...
it's for romantic beach gateaway


2. Posted by vilmalotta (Respected Member 95 posts) 12y

Oh man... I just LOVED the place!
Spent our honeymoon there in -99.

I would say that's the most amazing place I've been to.
Romantic - yes. Also beautiful paradise-like little island
where people are very friendly and food is delicious!

I highly recommend!

3. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y

Wow, good to hear; my wife to be and me just booked our honeymoon to Mauritius in a months time..... to a place on the Flic and Flac beach.

It's my first package kind of holiday so should be interesting either way. I do admit that I am looking forward to doing absolutely NOTHING for 2 weeks, except for the diving and deep sea fishing that is :)

I'll keep you posted on how it was....



4. Posted by vilmalotta (Respected Member 95 posts) 12y

Excellent place for diving!
Well, actually I unfortunately don't dive (yet), but we snorkeled
a lot. Very nice! Dolphins swimming next to us...
We stayed at Le Touesrok on the east coast of the island...

I do recommend renting a car and exploring the island
(e.g. coloured earth etc.).
Remember that although the island is little, driving from
the other side to the next may take more time than
you would think. The roads in same areas are not in
best condition... :)

And the easiest way to go and visit Port Louis, the capital,
is probably by taxi. Taxis are cheap. :) (as is everything
outside touristy hotel areas)

5. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y

Thanks Vilmalotta, good to hear. We are actually getting our diving licenses there so that should be fun! I have let that opportunity pass by so many times but finally figured this was the ideal moment to go for it!

Thanks for the tip on the car renting. We got a few contact details of good local agencies from some ex - Mauritius travellers so will give them a buzz - I have to admit it did look like an hours drive to the other side of the island from the maps I had been looking at!!!



6. Posted by satrav (Full Member 27 posts) 12y

Hi everyone!

Mauritius is an excellent choice for a getaway - especially honeymoon! I stayed there for a while because my brother in law was on contract there as a jockey so I was lucky enough to see the place as a local rather than a tourist. There is a really good market in Quatre Bornes which sells lovely sarongs etc at half the price of the tourist places in Grand Baie or Ile Aux Cerfs! It's only open Thursday and Saturdays though. I also preferred this market to the Port Louis market.

I hope you have a fabulous time Sam - it's a great place to do nothing!!!