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has anyone got any good advise for a young girl going to oz?

Travel Forums General Talk has anyone got any good advise for a young girl going to oz?

1. Posted by sammy123 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

I am going to oz in 6 weeks for a year on a working holiday visa. Im going alone and staying in Sydney. Really looking forward to it but am worried.... Im staying at the walk in (I think) people have told me things which are kinda putting me off.
Also does anyone know how hard it is to find an apartment? and wheres the best area?
Anything i should do before i go? :)

2. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 10y

Should be posted in the australia section.

My advise is to have fun and make lots of friends. i'm sure that's guaranteed ;)

don't get put off by what people say. Each to their own. What's one man's gold is another man's c**p.

If you're willing to share there are plently of nice apartments to be found in sydney. Seeing that you'll be arriving summertime, the beaches are probably best, so the areas that spring to mind for the apartment hunt would be Bondi (my lovely, lively, little suburb)) and anywhere south from Bondi down to Maroubra.

Lots of luck, good times and fun to you. Enjoy Australia!

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3. Posted by jenko2 (Full Member 123 posts) 10y

i am also going to sydney in 6 weeks 5 days i am also very scared also as i will be onmy own. everyone has been reasuring me i will be fine and you will be also .